Reflective Journal

Week 1 06/03/2017

Monday we were told that we would have to create a proposal for our final major project which will be done on the 15th of March. On Tuesday I began to think about what I was going to say in my proposal because has to be a minimum of 450 words long , I decided to create another 2d game for my final major project but add some new things to game and expanded on what I learnt earlier in the year. The next day I started to write up my proposal which was quite difficult to begin with but became easier as time went on. We also have to create a PowerPoint presentation which will be a part of the proposal. Unfortunately I found it difficult to complete my PowerPoint because I couldn't figure out what to put in there. Next time I will be more organised when it comes to my proposal.

Week 2 13/06/2017

Last week I created a proposal which would be used to explain how I was going to make my game and what genre of video game it would be. On Monday I was coming towards the end of finishing of my proposal but sadly it was hard for me to figure out what methods I would use to create my video game but after a while I managed to complete my proposal next time to improve I will try do more research when it comes to finding methods .Next we had to create a presentation for Wednesday morning luckily I already started the presentation over the weekend . I thought that I did my presentation to a suitable standard but I think that I could have improved on my eye contact with the audience. Next week I will start to create my 2d side scroller using unreal engine.

Week 3 20/03/2017

Last week I started to work on my video game using unreal engine, The game that I was making is a 2d side scroller game which has different levels . This week I am starting to work on my video game which is set to be a 2d game at first I thought it was difficult because I was unable to access my video game due to the software not working but after a while I was able to start creating my video game. I have am having issues deciding what type of 2d game to create because it is tie between 2d fighting game and 2d side scroller. I recently got feedback for my presentation which says that the presentation was really short and that I should also have more eye contact with the audience. And I should also speak slower to show that I had practiced what I was going to say. The feedback also says that i should have introduce myself in the beginning of the presentation. I finally decided that I was going to create a 2d side scroller game and call it Survivor Run , I have come across some difficulties figuring out how to insert my character into the game. Luckily the are some guides on the internet which assisted me in completing my tasks. I managed to insert my character into my game after reading some guides on the internet the problem I had was that that I didn't add the sprite to the 2d character so I was unable to see my 2d sprite. Next to prevent this from happening by make sure to check if the 2d sprite has been inserted into the game.

Week 4 27/03/2017

Last Week I received feedback from my proposal which was that I need to increase the amount of time that I speak for and need to have more eye contact with the audience . Monday I was continuing to work on my video game using unreal engine which is now 2d side scroller game which has been difficult to start because i was trying to create one character to use in my game. On Tuesday decided to put in some platforms which could be used for the character to walk on this went well but when I thought it would be a good idea to add moving platforms to the game I ran across some problems. First of all I was unable to move the platform which became frustrating but then I found some information which helped me add the moving platform all I needed to do was create a blueprint actor which I would insert into my game once added a timeline to the actor which allowed me to make the platform move up and down , but unfortunately the platform would only go up and not down so after I while I realized that I had to put loop to make sure it repeats the pattern constantly. Next I will remember to use a timeline to get objects to move and use loop button to get them to repeat the motion . On Wednesday I decided to try and figure out how to insert a health bar at the top of the screen which can be used to see how much health you have left but unfortunately I have had difficulty getting the health bar to appear when I played the game then I realized that I need to add some nodes to the blueprint . On Thursday I managed to figure out why the health bar wasn't appearing it was because I put in the wrong class which used to create a new widget which makes the health bar appear . Next week I am going to try and add sprites to my video game by getting them online and getting rid of the background that will allow me to extract the sprites into Unreal Engine.

This is the moving platform which I created using Photoshop
This is the blueprint which allows my platform to move in a up and down motion.
This I s the timeline which shows how the platform will move once you start the game.

Week 5 03/04/2017

Last week I was trying to add a second player to my video game so I can have local multiplayer included in my game and I am also adding health bars to my game by adding widgets to the game. This week I am trying to add sprites to my game by getting them online and putting them into Photoshop and the getting rid of the background which prevents me from extracting the sprites when I import them into Unreal. On Monday I was able to insert the sprites into my game by creating a flipbook and then insert the sprite as the character. On Tuesday I started to figure out how I was going to get my character to lose health when he jumps on a spike sadly it took me a while to figure out how to make the spike give damage to my character put finally I figured out that I have to create an actor and then go into the event graph and add nodes which will give damage to my character . I found out that to complete this task I have to add health bar to the top of the screen which will indicate when the player is losing health during going through the game. I was able to do this using Unreal Engine which is a software used to create video games .

This is the spike that is being used in my game
This is the blueprint which makes the spike inflict damage on my character

Week 6 10/04/2017

Last week I began to extract sprites and put them into my video game I was able to do this using Photoshop which is a software that allows you to erase the background from any image This week I am trying to add hitboxes to my character so they will be able to take damage from enemies. The tools used too complete this task are in Unreal Engine by adding different nodes to the blueprint which allows me to add hitboxes to the video game. Next week I plan on adding different levels to my game with different design to make each level dissimilar from each other and to also make the game a little more interesting.

Week 7 17/04/2017

This week I am starting to adding different levels to my game to give it some variety when it comes to the location which should make the game a little more interesting. I also want to add some more character to my game to give it some variety as well but since it will be difficult to add array of characters I will put small amount to start. Next week I plan on creating on moving platforms which could add a little more difficulty to my game . I also decided to create a level design which would show how I plan on having my levels in the game and what items and traps will be placed in the game. To indicate what is being used in the I will add in a key which will show people what I planning to add in my game level.

Week 8 24/04/2017

Last week I decided to create different levels in the game which would make the game a little more interesting and also give it some variety as well. This week I am trying to add different enemies to my game which will make the game more challenging. I also decided to create platforms which would be moving up down unfortunately i had some difficulty figuring out how to complete this action because I have inserted the platform into my game but it will not move up and down like I wanted it to. Luckily I figured out that you have to create a timeline and make the platform move but even though I completed the timeline it still wouldn't move up and down until I realized that for the platform to complete this action I must first click loop for this process to happen. The next day I started to work on creating projectiles which could be fired by my character but it didn't work immediately because for the projectiles to work you have to make sure that you cast the projectile to character you want to use it but then it still didn't work and that was because I didn't add any animations into the game so the character did not respond when I was clicking the mouse .

This what I am using to as a projectile for my game.
This is the Blueprint which will allow my character to inflict damage on the enemy in the game.
This is the blueprint which will allow the enemy to inflict damage on my character.

Week 9 01/05/2017

Last week I decided to put projectiles into my game which would give damage to my character and the enemy unfortunately it was more difficult than I expected because the projectiles would fly past the target instead of disappearing once they hit the person. This week I decided to add a health pack to the game to the game so if the character gets injured then they will have opportunity to get health back which may come in handy later on. Unfortunately it took me a while to get the health pack to give my character health when he walked into it but the reason for this not working is because of the blueprints which gives my character health are missing some node which will give my character health unfortunately I figured out what nodes were missing. I also decided to a menu system which would be allow me to start a new game and also resume a game I was in the middle of but sadly it was very difficult to complete this so I decided not to do this even though I had the HUD and the blueprints to make the buttons on the HUD work it still would not let me access my game through the buttons so I decided to not continue to add the menu system because I couldn't figure out or find out how to get the system work.

This image shows the health pack which was used in my game
This image shows the blueprint which gives my character health when he walks into the health pack.

Week 10 08/05/2017

On Monday I started to think about adding multiple levels in my game which would make the game bit longer to complete and may make the game a little more challenging and should make the user enjoy the game more . Sadly it was very difficult to get this to happen because I could not figure out what nodes would be use to create the connection between the levels I have. The next day on Tuesday I went back to figure out how I was going to complete this task when I found a tutorial on how to connect levels together and I managed to complete my goal. On Wednesday I finally started to add enemies in the game which would shoot projectiles at my character and try to kill him but it is more difficult to complete than I thought because it was hard to figure out how to get the enemy to shoot at my character depending on where he is on the map.

Week 11 15/05/2017

This week I decide to add in a End flag which would advance my character to the next stage of the game but I was confusing on how this would work at first until I found this tutorial which show me that you have to level to stream to get the feature to work so I open up my level blueprint and then insert the nodes which allow me to have my character move between levels but unfortunately it still didn't work the I realised that I had to insert the level name into the end flag which can be done on the right hand side in the box called Level to Stream. Thankfully this was what I needed to get my character to travel between levels without there being a error when walking into the flag.

Week 12 22/05/2017

This week I thought it would best if I try to add sound to my game to make a bit more professional , to complete this task I needed to use a Free Sound website which would allow me to add sounds into my video game without having to pay for them which is a big benefit to me the main sound I wanted to get was a sound for my health pack and a sound for when ever my character shoot a projectile at an enemy. This was a very simple process compared everything else I have done so far all I need to do was go into to the health pack blueprint and insert a play sound at location which would activate the noise whenever I the character came into contact with the health pack and it the same premise with the projectiles whenever my character shoots a projectile it will make a sound luckily this went smoothly and I did not have any problems inserting theses sounds.

Week 13 29/05/2017

This week I decided to try an create main menu screen which would allow the player to either restart the game or start a new on but unfortunately It was very difficult to complete this task because whenever I tried to complete this task it would either crash my once I started play the game or it would not at all so I decided to leave the main menu out of my game to prevent any serious problems which would completely ruin my game and force me to use a early of my game which would mean that I would have to add all the blueprints and nodes that I did before.


I think that my project went quite well over the past couple of months because i managed to complete something's in my project but unfortunately there were a lot of setbacks like glitches and game crashes which that prevented me from creating the game that I wanted but I managed to create something which I think ok even with all setbacks that took place during this course I were to do this again I would most likely to different approach to how I figure out what game I will create because at first I thought I could create a fighting game using unreal engine but due to me not having the skills and there being no tutorial or guidelines on how to make this kind of game I was unable to do it so I resorted back the 2D side scroller which worked out a little bit better than my fighting game. Another thing that I would change if I did this again I would try to have a more detailed plan of what I was going to do because for the most part I just saw what I could do each day but if I had a detailed plan then I would make sure that I reach that before completing my next goal .

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