Automotive body repair By:gilbert partida

You might ask what dose a body mechanic do well they repair body damage on car's like bumpers' grills' hoods, or something more important door panel. They repair the body of the car so everything that not under the hood or under the car they fix. So the people that make your car look new after a car crash ya that them.

Now there are requirement's to become a auto body repairer, You have to have a high school degree in automotive to get the proper training. After you meet that you have to have 2-3 years of hands on training,But if you want an even better chance of getting a job in that field GO TO COLLEGE. The better degree and the better training gives you better qualification.

Okay so now that you know what you must do let take about what you will get paid. The average is 20 per hour. or 41'000 a year, But the way you make it is by the quality of your work and how many hour's you work. And the one of the really go things are you get full benefits. Now this carrier has a good path. you see the more car's rise in complexity the more people need your services. Now the best part is that this job is nation wide and there easy to fine if you look ing the right place


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