The History About El Dia De Los Muertos The day of the dead is a spanish tradition where the living celebrate their loved ones that have passed away

On the day of the dead families create a alter with the pictures of their deceased loved ones. Along with their pictures family members also place candles, sugar skulls, candy and food that the certain person loved.
On the day of the dead there is a festival that is done where people have there makeup done as if they were a skull. Performers dress in traditional clothing and give a dance performance.
There are two days in which people honor their dead loved ones, November 1st and November 2nd. November 2nd is the one most people know about because it is the day of the dead. November 1st is also another holiday that honors the dead that is not that well known outside of spanish territory. November 1st is El Dia de los Angelitos ( The day of the Angels) which honors the dead children, and the children only.


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