The Ship Breaker By Michael Mercer

The best revenge is massive success -Frank Sinatra

24 Karat Magic -Bruno Mars

My name is Nailer Lopez and I work in the Ship Breaking yards. I have a father that I love but sadly he is abusive to me after my mothers death. I had a companion put she betrayed me for money so she cannot work in the Ship Breaking yards anymore. One day I was scavenging for food with Pima my work boss and we found a clipper ship that had tons of silver. Besides the silver there was a cute girl sadly I thought she was dead until her eyes opened. So we decided to save her, she was being crushed by beds. After we found out she was rich and we could get money if we returned her to her father.

We are safe from my father for now and first we need! to get out of here away from my father quick. Pima me, you, and lucky girl need to leave let's go to the train. No Nailer I can't I'm staying with my mother I was heart broken when she said that I can't believe we went this far and we can't share the money. Uhhhhh.

Ok Nita we go now if we don't. It's ok I don't want to have to imagine it. Then off we went to hop a train and be quick and careful to survive. I told her to go first she ran and tried to hop she made it thank god but just then her feet shot up. I thought she was gone dead. Before her feet landed softly and she was safe.

We met up on a portion of the train with our new acquaintance Tool. The three of us watched as the water, trees, and land fly by. I am glad that we survived for another day that we all agreed on. We tried to conserve our water but ran out faster than I wished to. We all tried to get some sleep behind a ladder to keep us from falling off to our death.

My skills are considered to be cooking, persuasion, and particularly small. My few interests are girls and survival. My favorite things, money, cash, and the Chinese red.


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