Cyberbullying Carolina lins

On that sunday afternoon, August 27th, the internet became Lauren’s biggest enemy, now there is no turning back. Once you press send you have to deal with it for the rest of your life…

James, Lauren’s crush since 3rd grade, she believed he was the boy of her dreams. Unfortunately Lauren was ignorant of the fact that she couldn't trust anyone. Apparently she was vulnerable and she assumed he would like her back if she did everything he told her to. He asked for naked pictures of her and she didn't think properly before acting. People started texting her and asking why she did that saying all sorts of horrible things about her.

The next day she walked through the halls covering her face with a hoodie as if she wanted to turn into a turtle and never leave her shell. She couldn't think straight and the only thing she heard were barely faded whispers "She was so innocent..",

"Never thought of her like that.",

"She's so dumb, who in the would send nudes to James!",

"He's the cyber master!"

"Hey Lauren don't worry only the whole school saw, but no one else!",

"Shut up!",

"Oh, Poor thing!"

All around the world, cyberbullying and the growth of internet social rumors are constantly becoming a habit in people's lives. People tend to look at it as a normal thing in social media. For a victim it's not only words on their feed, but insults that work as a ball and chain holding down confidence.

The Cyberbully Hotline studies sites that 4.500 kids commit suicide due to cyber bullying each year. If so every year, imagine in the next ten?

This is not something that we can look at and simply scroll down to another page. Victims can effortlessly delete hate comments from their feed, but from their mind, can they?

How do people like James react after knowing that someone bullied by them actually committed suicide. At EARJ what can we do to prevent this issue?

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