Exhibit #5: Professor Interview

Questions I asked Dr. Pearce

• What was it like growing up and going to college in Canada? • What did you think you would be doing when you were younger? • What made you decide to become a professor of political science/theory? • Do you believe that all students regardless of major should have to learn about political science/theory? • What do you expect of us when we leave your political theory class? • How do you define learning? • What are the most common mistakes you see your students making? • What advice would you give to young college students to be successful? • What non-academic skill do you think is the most important for college students to leave with? • Do you enjoy teaching political science? • Do you have any hobbies that you do outside of school? • Have you ever been to a Clemson football game?

My Reflection

I chose to interview my Political Theory professor Dr. Colin Pearce because he is my favorite professor this semester as well as my most intriguing. Some of the intrigue stems from the fact that he is from Canada and went to college there. I think it has a lot to do with how intriguing our class is especially with the topics we study and discuss. Overall I was not surprised by any of the answers Dr. Pearce provided as most of the questions I asked were pretty standard aside from some of the questions about his personal life. As a political science professor, I expected Dr. Pearce to believe in the importance of students and citizens in general, learning about how their government works and the origins of that government. *I learned that my professor and I grew up in very different times as he was able to reflect on in the interview. He explained how when he was growing up in and going to college in the 60’s and 70’s that everything was a lot more relaxed in the sense of student pressure. Students weren’t pressured to already know and strive for the career they were expected to enter after graduation. He also told me that back then he took a year off from school which was quite normal for his day. You don’t see too many students today taking whole years off from school unless they can’t afford it or are studying abroad. The biggest thing that surprised me was how low his yearly tuition was for the University of Toronto back then. It is mind-blowing how tuition has shot up so astronomically in the decades that have followed. I did find his responses to what he thinks learning is and what it takes to be successful to be very thought provoking. Overall the entire experience made me respect him even more because even in the interview he is articulating his thoughts and using his political theory background in his everyday conversations and dealings. That shows me how passionate he is about his job and that he really takes this stuff seriously. Although I was relieved to find out that Dr. Pearce is a Clemson football fan. In class, he very frequently gives hypothetical examples of what if someone doesn’t like Clemson football and sometimes it made it seem like he could be talking about himself but gladly he was not. I truly enjoyed the opportunity.


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