The Right Side of the Tracks Rachel shultz, zionsville community high school

Tracks is a record and IU merchandise store. The store has been around since 1988. "We have the nicest customers of any store I've ever been around," employee Jay said. "It's probably my favorite part."
Rachel and her granddaughter, Michaela, shop for shirts. Michaela had originally wanted a pink IU shirt, but settled for a red tie die instead. "She's outgrown her IU stuff," Rachel said. "Her daddy went here and got her stuff and her grandfather went here and got her stuff. Now she's growing up."
Abigail looks for a sweatshirt for her father. Abigail, a senior at IU, is studying elementary and special education.
Joey, an employee at Tracks, sorts records. Joey is a junior in the school of informatics at IU. "I wanted to be around all the music," Joey said. "It's really learning about all the music industry and record labels and stuff, which I enjoy."
Maddie and Cam look at jackets in Tracks. The two came to Bloomington to visit and shop.
Trevor laughs while conversing with an employee about record players. Trevor, a regular at Tracks, is moving into an apartment nearby.
Checking out a customer at the store, Charlie files what record has been purchased. Charlie designs the clothing at Tracks. "I used to be a server, and I served the owner of the store," Charlie said. "He asked me about what I'm doing at school, and I minor in graphic design, so he recruited me to design stuff."
Elliott and his father, Joe, wait as their clothes are being checked out. Along with his father, Elliott came to Tracks with his mother Donna, sister Alexa, and brothers Ben and Luke.
Kyra checks out her clothes at Tracks. She came to IU for Freshmen Orientation and is studying political science in the fall. "My mom went here in the 80s," Kyra said. "We were doing college tours last year. I didn't know much about the school, but I visited and I just loved it."

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