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"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." Matthew 6:33
My Heart

The Lord has taken me on quite the journey over the last 5 months. I was feeling like He was telling me to do a worship leading fast and that was something that I was struggling to understand. Why would the Lord bless me with a gift only to ask me to fast it? Here’s what I quickly began to figure out: I realized that outside of being a worship leader, I really didn’t know who I was. I didn’t know my identity outside of that. I'm not saying at all that my gifting was bad, or that the Lord would purposefully try to take it away, but it was more rather Him needing to teach me some things. I didn’t know how to fully rest in Him or lean into Him for myself. I was so used to giving out that He wanted to bring me back to teach me how to properly receive. It was also to learn how to surrender and sacrifice something that means a lot to me. I’ve had to give up things in the past before, but nothing like worship. This was something I didn’t just automatically say yes to, but was a process of trying to understand what the Lord wanted for me out of this. I was finding out just how much I needed a season of rest with my dad and even though its been more than hard for me at points, it most definitely has been the most rewarding and growing season that I’ve ever been in.

He has taken me past places that I thought I was content in and into depths I didn’t even know I could go. I’ve been living, growing, and walking with Him but no season has been anywhere near as encouraging and strengthening as this one. While some of the things that I’ve learned may seem small, they're big to me. Some of these things I’ve heard before but they have now been transferred from head knowledge to heart knowledge.

Here's a few things I've learned / grown in :
  • My authority and inheritance as a daughter - that I can enter boldly into the throne room.
  • I have other gifts besides just worship - both in leadership and discipleship.
  • I don’t always have to be leading worship in order to be close to Jesus - I can be close to Him in other ways.
  • Worship is a lifestyle and doesn't have to be just music - It’s more than a song!
  • Everyone needs seasons of resting, dwelling, and receiving with the Lord.
  • The more I’m in the Spirit, the more I operate out of that.
  • Don’t let people tell you who you are - Jesus tells you who you are.
  • The importance of having your heart be in the posture to receive is greater than anything.
  • I should never doubt what He is speaking clearly to me- I can trust in who He is.
  • Don’t idolize worship or worship it - instead of loving the worship, love the person behind the worship.
  • Comparison and jealousy is not living Kingdom minded - I can be me and that me is perfect.
  • Never lose sight of His promises.
  • Vulnerability is the key to growth and allows the Lord to go deeper - never be afraid to be raw.
  • When you are faithful to be with Him, He’s always faithful to show up greater.
  • Obeying Jesus can be hard but with the sacrifice and surrender follows blessing - Jesus honors the YES in my Spirit.

I’ve had times of questioning and not understanding, but throughout it all I have seen the faithfulness of Jesus more than I ever have in my life. I have also never felt this close to Him before in my life. There have been days of me being upset and questioning, but, in the end of the day, whenever I look at that list I just smile. I smile because of all the things I realize that He has brought me through. He has brought me through more than I could’ve ever imagined and I’m so grateful for that. Fasting something can be hard, but I wouldn’t have wanted to learn these things any other way and I know now that Jesus had a way better plan that I could’ve ever thought.

Bethel's WorshipU

One of the biggest things I’ve learned in this season is that when you are obedient to say yes and follow Jesus there will be a promise and blessing waiting in the end. The blessing that happened to follow this obedience is better than anything I could have ever asked for.

As most of you know, I have been a slight music geek for basically since I could understand what that even meant. What I mean by that is that I love to follow bands, find new music, and see what they're doing and where they are. One of the biggest worship bands that I’ve looked up to and admired is Bethel Music. Bethel is a worship community passionately pursuing His presence. They have a heart to see heaven invade earth and they believe that worship is the forefront of revival. The way that Bethel leads has always inspired and captivated me. Their lyrics have always been so profound and moving and you really can tell that they all lead from a place of intimacy with the Lord. They're fierce and they know how to cultivate the presence and draw people into a deeper place of intimacy as well. I’ve always wanted to go and see it and to be able to learn from them would be a complete and total dream because what they cultivate I also want to be able to cultivate but in my own way.

I recently just discovered that Bethel holds a 2 week worship intensive (which runs from July 10-21) called WorshipU just by scrolling on Facebook one day. It caught my eye and immediately it just felt like my heart fluttered with excitement as I began to dream with the Lord of what that could look like for me. To be able to actually learn from this community of worshippers would be INSANE. All the dreams I feel like have just been shoved down in my heart began to come alive and began to become more of a reality.

I knew that it wouldn’t be a good idea to just randomly apply, so I just decided to sit on the idea for a few days and I just wanted to seek the Lord. I was wanting to make sure of a few things and ask the Lord some questions. I was only wanting to go if this was a total God idea and not a "me idea". I didn’t want to go if I didn’t have His ultimate mind and heart for going. Not only did I feel like He gave me total peace about going and tons of confirmations but that it lines up perfectly with everything that He has done in my heart in this past season. I feel that the intimate process that the Lord has taken me on is now being able to be fully released in the way that He wants it to be by going to Bethel. This for me is more than I could’ve ever thought, imagined, or dreamed. I had no idea that the Lord would ever open up this door for me to actually be able to go, and already I have so much joy and expectancy for what the Lord is going to do in and through me. I’ve found that through seasons of preparation come so much expectancy.

Going to Bethel isn’t a selfish desire or something I want to go do just for fun. I know that I’m called to Boston to help be a part of the release of what God is doing there. I’m not just a missionary, but I’m also a musician and worshipper. Sometimes within the ministry, you can lose sight of the gift, but I’d rather find the perfect marriage between serving both the ministry and my gift of worship to further the calling the Lord has placed in this season.

Financial Needs: How YOU Can Help

In order for this dream to happen, I’m going to be vulnerable and make my need known. Asking for financial help is humbling, but I need to humble myself and obey the Lord. I’m needing to raise approximately $2500 which would cover the tuition, airfare, housing, and food.

I’m completely relying on Jesus to provide my every need. It’s going to be a stretch of faith for me as the tuition is due in a month and a half and I need to buy a plane ticket before then. I’m believing for big things as my God is a big God who can do whatever He wants however He wants to. As my inheritance as a daughter, I’m able to walk and step boldly into the throne room and ask big things so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. This isn’t to big for the Lord, so why should it be to big for me?

Please believe with me and pray for me as I’m stepping into a season of complete trust and dependance on the Lord. I’m NEEDING all of you to really seek the Lord as to what this may look like for each of you, but I pray that as you are reading this you realize that you are sowing into good soil and into Kingdom growth. Please consider sowing into me following this dream of my heart. Please also know that every little bit matters and counts and I’m needing people to really stand with me and behind me in this. Without all of your help I wouldn’t be able to do any of this. Thanks in advance for all of your gifts, prayers, support, and encouragement. I know that the Lord can and will bring this in to fruition and that His promises never return void. There’s always a provision for the promise!

How to give :

ADDRESS: 165 Sycamore St. Somerville, MA 02145

IF you are needing more information, confused, or have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

My Prayer
  • That the Lord would continue to stir up expectation and joy in my spirit for what He is going to do in me.
  • He would give me peace about the finances and that they would come in soon and in mighty ways. I want to see His faithfulness and goodness even more in this area.
  • I would get wrecked by the culture and presence of Bethel and what they cultivate. That I would be able to experience and see things I’ve never seen before in the Spirit and in the natural.
  • I would be able to release everything that God has done within my heart and then be able to bring that release back to Boston to help be a part of the move of God!
  • I would be given new songs and new sounds.
  • I would just be able to receive everything that the Lord wants me to receive. That I could be able to just dwell and grow in a deeper intimacy with the Lord. I would feel His tangible presence in a crazy way.
  • I would grow in my gifting : In both singing and playing guitar.
  • The Lord would speak clearly, move deeply, and breathe mightily!

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