Victoire's Oreo Challenge Inspired by her love of chocolate, Victoire shared her knowledge of something called "The oreo challenge" and chose a few friends to join us. She explained what materials we needed, how we needed to do it and chose two friends to join in this special event.

We adapted Victorie's Oreo Challange with the materials we had available. Victoire chose the pieces for Ashlan and Ashlan described them, their flavors, their texture and guessed what each one was. Ashlan thought she ate a cracker, an oreo and an apple! Victoire giggled with delight when Ashlan thought she was eating an apple.

"It was juicy and crunchy, just like an apple." Ashlan explained

Victorie chose the oreo to give Tom first. She was so excited to see him eat it because of her love for ORIGINAL oreos.

"These are my favorite!" Victoire explained

Tom slowly put the pastry in his mouth. He was confused by the flavors. Ashlan and Victoire kept questioning him.

"What do you think it is? It has two other things in it?" Ashlan explained

"It has my favorite food in it. What do you think that is?" Victorie asked

"Vanilla?" Tom asked, He enjoyed tasting this but surprised his friends when he could not taste the chocolate.

The children wrote and drew their findings and preferences. Victoire has extended this project to make a book about the many different flavors of oreos. She also asked questions to inquire about oreos. How many flavors are there? How do you think they are made? What are all the different names of oreos? Her sweet tooth really got her thinking!

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