Dystopian Viviana ,Ebony, Samantha, & Bryanna

Location: Our society is located on planet Mars, it an suburban. A description about the weather and the overall environment is humid and is very dusty and limited to crops. Everybody is matching or walking in the same certain way. Daily life would be everyone's always working like a machine. The overall structure of society is dictatorship, so one person rules all.
Propaganda: Our motto is, Make Mars Great. We do have a few color schemes, we have red is anger while we do have a calmer color which is white, which is peace. We did used those colors to test out how our people would react, we used the people as an experiment on how the colors make people react. With that we made those two colors our primary colors. Its effective, orange and red because since its used on our ad, it also has other people react and them knowing that there is a calm side to where we live, which is Mars. We're hoping with the ad, it does bring people, and people want to live and work for us. It effects how people think, and how they'll go within their day.
Declaration of Independence: During the course of Mars event, it becomes necessary to cut ties with earth, to become less populated, more healthier, non-disease stricken. This requires us, as Mars leader, to write our own Declaration of Independence of the rest of the earth to see and understand why the people should declare the Cause which impels them to the Separation. We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all of the people are given what the earth doesn't have for you. To obtain these rights, come join this wonderful planet we discover Mars. The earth has been overpopulated. It has been unequal. It has been unhealthy. It has been over infested with disease. Even after of this repeated at mistreatment, as we explained how being on earth is. However, we are willing to take everyone who has been ignoring the issue on earth and come to Mars. We, therefore, the representatives of the leader of Mars, would be in control to solve these issue and make Mars Great!
Rules : Females wears red and males wear orange.They all must work ten hours a day except kids of the age of 11 and up. All equal except the one power. All most worship the leader once a day. All females perdure nursing as males peruse hard labor.
Government: Our government of this dystonia society will be a dictatorship of making decisions of what they feel is right for the people and make a better place than the one we first lived in. They declensions of government is based on now a dictatorship is based on. They would lead them in anything they do. Also they have to all be equal not more or less besides the leader with the power.

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