Granite Falls, Minnesota Granite Falls was first incorporated as a village in 1879, nestled along the Minnesota River in southwestern Minnesota. The locale of the waterway, along with the abundant wildlife, and rich soils brought many to the area to sow family and business roots. Today, Granite Falls is a strong idyllic community with a diverse economic landscape.

The city of Granite Falls sits on along the beautiful Minnesota River and is host to a vibrant community, thriving main street, endless activities, and stunning wildlife. There is no shortage of delightful activities and beautiful scenery in Granite Falls.


Fagen Fighters WWII Museum

When deciding what to do in Granite Falls, The Fagen Fighters Museum is an option for both history buffs and curious citizens. The museum contains aircraft and ground equipment from World War II that is still in working condition!

There is art that accompanies the exhibits as well, including bronze sculptures. Plus, the Museum is continuously growing its library. Fagen Fighters WWII Museum is located only six minutes from the Prairie's Edge Casino Resort.

Andrew J. Volstead House

An exciting way to explore the history of the city of Granite Falls is through the Andrew Volstead House & Prohibition Story Walking Tour. Andrew Volstead was a Minnesotan lawyer and politician who's most famous for The Volstead Act, which put into action the national ban on alcoholic beverages. Throughout the summer, and especially on Halloween (Andrew Volstead's birthday!), there are tours of his home in Granite Falls, as well as a walking tour of the town! The Andrew Volstead House is open Fridays 2:30-5:00, Saturdays 11-4, and Sundays 1-4 from Memorial Day to October 15th. Appointments may also be made for groups of 10 or more.

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act which enforced Prohibition.

Upper Sioux Agency State Park.

To fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the Granite Falls area, visit the Upper Sioux Agency State Park. The park spans 1,323 acres of land, contains diverse wildlife and scenery, and has an important human history as well as a geological one.

An all-seasons map of the park, available on the park website

Granite Falls Kiwanis Popcorn Stand

In downtown Granite Falls stands the famous Granite Falls Kiwanis Popcorn Stand, which was first constructed in the 1920s, has since been rebuilt into what is there today. It's open in the summertime and is a popular spot in the evenings.

Along with the popcorn stand, the main street is home to many businesses and is continuing to grow. Take a walk through town to see the unique, flourishing businesses and attractions for yourself. Opportunities abound in Granite Falls!

The heart of the arts

The Granite Area Arts Council provides art-related experiences for the community in and around Granite Falls, including exhibits at the K.K. Berge Gallery, large performance events and various classes throughout the year, as well as summer art camps for both children and adults. Find the Granite Area Arts Council on Facebook for updates on local arts and entertainment. Riverside Market & Muse is a family-friendly event offering theatre, art, and music on the second Saturday of the month from May through September. The Granite Falls Area Community Theater is a nonprofit organization that exists to provide musical and theatrical experiences for performers of all ages.

The K.K. Berge Building hosts the Chamber of Commerce and an art gallery.

Business isn't the only way to get involved in the community! There is also the Granite Falls campus of the Minnesota West Community and Technical College. The college is dedicated to providing for a wide selection of educational needs of a diverse population for a price students can afford. Minnesota West Community and Technical College works to support students and remain accessible to everyone pursuing an education. So if you want to continue learning, why not do it in Granite Falls!

In addition to businesses and educational facilities, Granite Falls is home to the Granite Falls Health which provides a long list of medical services, including an impressive clinic, ambulances, long-term care, and independent senior living.

Another important feature to Granite Falls' healthcare services is Project Turnabout, which provides treatment and recovery services to those working to recover from addiction to drugs, alcohol, or gambling. Project Turnabout has been facilitating recoveries for over 45 years, and operates with the values of compassionate hearts, professional services, and a respectful environment.

Granite Falls is a vibrant city in Yellow Medicine County, and this is only a brief glimpse of all there is to do and see there. To continue exploring Granite Falls, and other towns in the Upper Minnesota Valley area, head to the Western Minnesota Prairie Waters website.