Chinese By: Anthony (Quint) Ulchar

This is Chinese.
There are 2 kinds: Traditional and Simplified.

Some can be big; some can be small.

Chinese isn't what you think it is. It can be hard to write. There are tones to pronounce words. It's hard.

Some of the strokes for the Chinese word for learn.

There are four tones:

The neutral tone (on the right) is not a tone. If you look on the web, you will know.

The 2 kids are REALLY different.

"bian" means "side".

"long" means "dragon."

Left is Traditional and middle is Simplified.

2 more things...

Dynasties and The Great Wall of China!

All the dynasties.

And now.... The Great Wall!

The Great Wall is 21, 196 kilometers "km" (13,170 miles "mi") long!!

That's it! Thank you for coming here to learn about Chinese!


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