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We are living in the age of information, technology and artificial intelligence. Communication and media has changed in a myriad of ways. People engage and entertain themselves seeking community, content, and connectivity.

MSTVmedia captures your imagination, utilizing information, trending content and tools. People seek community, content, and connectivity to engage and entertain themselves.

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MSTV envelopes stellar apps, news, music, movies, gaming, and social media. Your mobile delivers how-to and educational information with ever-growing, ease-of-delivery and interaction.

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MSTVmedia.com is an emerging platform. As the IoT universe grows, video chat, social media, and game technologies continue to expand. Consumers need a fluid platform and first person live experience with their friends.

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(1) We have reached the MVP of MSTVmedia.com

(2) Social outreach by the founders’ 1st and 2nd level contacts (2 Million +) for Beta testing phase.

(3) Highlighted reviews social media thought leaders, and celebrities.

(4) MSTV is signing up Channels and Advertisers to grow the platform.

(5) MSTV has a Plan and structured approach for additional investment.

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MSTVmedia.com’s advanced social media marketing includes AI/AR & VR mobile entertainment content. MSTV aligns games with Millennials interests and expands our audience appeal. Our sponsors and partners will harvest more revenue with our advertising and value added data sets, while tapping the powerful cognitive mobile cloud.

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Walter Horsting

Business Development Officer

Mr. Horsting is a worldwide specialist at integrating multimedia technology into entertainment, governmental and corporate building complexes.

He has designed intricate and demanding multimedia systems for Amgen, Bloomberg Media, Cisco, CompuWare, DirectTV, the Dubai Mall, Gaylord National Resort, US Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, Fluor, Level 3, Los Angeles International Airport, MGM Grand, MGM Studios, Microsoft Envisioning Labs, the New York Times, Nike’s World Headquarters, Union Pacific, and numerous other international business and entertainment entities.

Walter’s grasp of today’s rapidly changing social media technologies coupled with his unique understanding of product promotion and the advertising needs of Fortune 500 companies has made him a business development leader.


J.R. Horsting

Chief Creative Officer

J.R. is an accomplished experienced producer, game designer, writer, animator and graphic artist in traditional 2D and 3D animation and character design. J.R. excels in marketing, advertising, games and film.

J.R. also has an extensive resume as an actor, creator, developer and innovator in mobile, television, feature film and music. With his depth of understanding in entertainment and breadth of experience as a production project manager, he is the company’s creative heart.

J.R. has created and worked on several animated movies, and games in a variety of formats and platforms, including mobile apps, web-based games, social networking games, platform and computer games as well as DVD games for national clients that include Warner Bros., Batman, Justice League, Super Friends, the Three Stooges and J.C. Penny.

As an animator and writer, J.R. produced television specials for Wolf Tracer Studios and designed and animated for many brands such as MTV, Diet Coke, Trojan and Office Depot.


Michael Feeney

Community Development Officer

Michael Feeney- Founder: Is a pioneer of social media innovation and delivery. Inspiring many to take up his vision of the future. Broadcast engineer and instructor for universities, he has lead the way to community building in the social media mobile age.

Michael's past work includes.

Dublin City University

Temple Bar Music Center

The Helix

RTE Radio

One World Radio

Fáilte Ireland

Astronomy Ireland

Palestrina Choir

Claremont Productions

Michael's vision is to empower each user through simple access to important events while building an interest focused creative community.

Serge Stein

Chief Technical Officer

Serge Stein is an experienced, multi-faced IT leader, an outstanding business architect with an exceptional proven 22-year management record. Mr. Stein is an outstanding negotiator with financial management skills with profound operations, technology and architectural skill Specialties: IT/Internet Security, Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Computing, Social/Reputation Network Management, Advertising, Video Delivery and Live Broadcasting, Casual Gaming and Virtual World development, eBusiness, DAM, Commercial ERP, SOX, CRM, SFA, Financial Management & Contract Creation, Contract Negotiation, Legal Review, Content Management, EIS, Portal Management, Data Center Development & Operation, Satellite Communications, National and Global Data and Voice Networks, Planning & Budgeting.


Susan Moss

Brand Engagement Officer

Ms. Moss is a specialist in regional national international brand marketing of traditional, digital, new technologies and communications media. Ms. Moss’s role at MSTVmedia is leading the corporate/parent brand, marketing, sales, advertising, promotion as well as the co-branding business and partnerships. Her past work with world-class firms include: ABC, BBC, CBS, Children’s Channel, Discovery, Disney, ESPN, Extra, Fox, MSNBC, NBC, New York Life, Paramount, Reuters, Sci-Fi, SkyChannel, TNN, Universal and Warner Bros.


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JR Horsting


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