Williamsburg By sam singh

Leadline: heavy piece of lead attached to a large rope

Leadlines are made of lead and rope. Their purpose was to see how deep the waters were so they could see if they could doc their boats without getting stuck.

Susan Constant

Out of the Discovery, godspeed, and itself (the three ships that sailed to Jamestown) its the largest one.

Blacksmith shop

The smell was of burnt coal. The walls were stained of charcoal. It sounded like metal banging on metal. You could buy tools and weapons made of metal. Because I'm a merchant, I would buy the items in the shop because I could sell them and make 10% profit maybe. To order you would fo to the shop tell them what you need and they'll make it in a couple days for you.

Governor's palace

the largest house in the colony

Party room

The party room was to have dances. As the richest man in the colony, you had to throw the best parties. Plus, you were judged on how well you danced.

Governor's bed

This is my favorite item in the house because that bed looks like the most comfy bed ever


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