Ender's Game By: Orsen Scott Card

Book Summary

Ender Wiggin is an under estimated boy who is not very big in appearance but makes up for it in smarts. But his life is about to to a drastic turn. He will become the last hope against an extraterrestrial threat. However that is not his only threat there are forces in his new school working against him as well. Throughout the book, Ender learns about the brutality of human nature and the importance of others in a time of darkness. Will he overcome himself and be a hero to his world or will the pressure become to great, that is the questions on everybody's minds.

"If you try and loose it isn't your fault. But if you don't try and we lose, it's all your fault"

"5 Stars"- Common Sense Media

I would recommend this book to readers because of its excitement, meaning and unpredictability.-theguardian.com

Personal Review

I thought the book was really good for people who are in to sci-fi books and I personally love it. I would recommend it to anyone really above 12 just because of brutality and topics in the book. I would give it a 5 star ranking without even thinking about it. I specifically like the development of characters which makes you feel like you know them personally and you get connected with them. Also I liked the background development for the story which makes it have more depth. Ender also is someone almost everyone can relate to which helps you feel for his situation. Overall this book is well written and developed and no matter how many times I read it is still a thrilling page turner.


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