Boating Safety Tips By: James Hedge

Safety Tips When Cruising in a Boat

  1. Always go at a safe speed depending on other boaters.
  2. Do not cross or try to jump wakes.
  3. Travel in places that are safe for your type of boat.
  4. Pay attention to your surroundings when driving or riding a boat.
  5. Always carry life jackets even if you think you don't need it.
  6. Make sure your trailer is working, your lights, and check if your boat is secure.
  7. Comply with all signs and barriers.
  8. Never go on a boat alone.

How to get out of a sandbar

  1. Always know what state of tide is and when it will change.
  2. If you hit a sandbar you should stop and check how deep it is.
  3. Do not rev your engine it can over heat it and chip pieces off of your propeller.
  4. Check what it is that you heat rocks/sand.
  5. Drop your anchor if you are drifting into shallow water.
  6. If you are sand in mud point the boat to the deeper water.
  7. Call the coast guard if it is really bad.
  8. Last resort have someone jump in and push you out try to get the boat up to plane using the engine and don't stop.


  • Map.
  • Lots of fuel
  • Share your travel plans.
  • Owners manual and registration on board.
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Emergency items.
  • Gps
  • Know distress signals and warning symbols.
  • sunscreen
  • water


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