Video Analytics Recent Releases

Concurrent Viewer Panel

Media publishers that wish to validate and gain visibility into the critical metric of Concurrent Viewers (Unique Visitors) enabling them to drive greater engagement and adjust for volume/scale. The new Concurrent Viewer panel in Analysis Workspace will display minute by minute streaming activity for an event and display trend lines and min/max values for the session, to truly understand peak performance engagement.

Released: Fall 2020

Player State Tracking

Media publishers are tasked with optimizing the digital experience to drive video consumption or subscriptions, yet they have limited visibility into how their viewers are interacting with the player once playback has started. This capability captures all of that as they engage with their video and audio content.

  • Sound off
  • Full screen
  • Closed captions
  • Picture in picture
  • In focus

Released: Spring 2020

Media Analytics Launch Extension

The inclusion of media analytics into the Adobe Experience Platform SDK in launch allows companies to easily implement media analytics in their app across all streaming platforms. It allows for easier implementation, dynamic configuration, and the ability to extend with other Adobe solutions and partner integrations. Supported devices include:

  • JavaScript
  • iOS
  • Android
  • TVOS
  • FireTV
  • AndroidTV

Released: Spring and Summer 2020


Video and audio content is often downloaded and consumed at a later time. Only Adobe will measure contextual consumption of content attributed to the playback time and person, to truly understand common consumers habits while listening to or watching content while on the go.

Released: Fall 2019

Media Stream Attribution

Media companies that wish to test out the location of their video content and the placement or CTA that lead to the most videos watched can leverage Adobe Analytics with Video Analytics to more accurately attribute video successes to their locations on a page or app. This allows these companies to test out the best possible location to get the most eyeballs on their videos, to optimize where videos are performing the strongest, and monetize on that content by charging higher CPM rates based on where they’re located, e.g., the prime spot on a carousel or slideshow loop that leads to the most free app downloads and watches.

Released: Fall 2019

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