Star Board Week 5 Term 3 St Matthew's Collegiate School Weekly News

Principal's Message

Kia Ora Koutou

There is a vibe of being on tenterhooks since we went back into Alert level 2. Why is hope important? Hope provides a positive vision for the future about what is possible, motivating us to look forward. There will be times we are probably feeling a lack of hope. To have hope, it is vital we feel a sense of meaning in our lives. Particularly during a crisis, having meaning or purpose can protect our mental health. In recent months, two things that give our life meaning – work and connections with friends and family – might have been disrupted. Uncertainty has thrown some plans into jeopardy.

Adjusting our goals is what we have to do to work through these feelings of lost hope. We need to modify our goals to ensure they are realistic within the “new normal”, and we have a clear pathway to achieving them.

For example, I was meant to be in the States right now. But now – due to travel restrictions it has become more realistic to plan a holiday in a nearby location.

It is important to focus not only on long-term hopes, but on the short term too. If we focus too much on the future, we can lose sight of what is achievable and important to us now.

We should ask ourselves, what can we reasonably do this week or next month within current restrictions?

Here at school we are working out the certainties for those aspects of our lives over which we have control.

House Music

One such event is House Music. Will it happen? Yes. Is rehearsal time precious? Yes. Will we have confirmation of time, place, and venue under Alert 2 next week? Yes. Should the houses use that time wisely? Absolutely Yes. Will Alert 2 have an impact on this event? It has to as we are subject to the health guidelines. So will House Music happen? Again Yes


Despite repeated requests for parents to connect your daughters’ devices to Family Zone/Linewize and then to sign into the St Matthew’s platform, we still have students accessing apps which we have shut down. What that means is they do not have this security app on their phones or they have controls over its use.

Social media use and its grasp on our young people has now got beyond a frustration for me. The decision is now pending about the complete removal of cell phones from having any presence in the school during the school hours.

Families who have installed the app, first thank you. Secondly, you will still have the use of this security feature, as its value always extended beyond our school day. I know some of our young ones have seen it as a noose,but if we consider the rope metaphor it is probably better to see it more as the rope that is helping to keep their internet ships attached to solid and safe moorings.

Alert 2 and guidance we have been given

Sports (on school grounds) – physical activities including using shared equipment can go ahead. Physical distancing is not possible in some sporting activities. In these situations, extra emphasis on handwashing and drying (or cleansing with hand sanitiser) before and after activities and regular cleaning of equipment is very important.

Inter-school events – these can go ahead although there will be limitations due to the public health measures required and will need specific contact tracing ability of those playing for and against teams. Where people from outside the school may be attending or if we are hiring out our hall or allowing community groups to use school facilities, the rules for gatherings will apply.

Can parents and caregivers come onsite at Level 2?

Yes – however physical distancing of 2 metres is recommended for parents and caregivers from people they do not know (to align with public health measures outside the school grounds). Parents and caregivers who come onsite need to be noted in the visitor register (or if only doing drop offs or pick ups, can use check in using the NZ COVID Tracer App via your QR Code poster).

A reminder that we will already have contact information for our parents and caregivers, so do not need to collect those particular details each time they come onsite for a period of time.

Face coverings

Face coverings are not required in a school or early learning service setting. Some people may choose to wear face coverings. If they do, encourage respect - people are being proactive in keeping themselves and others safe.

If social distancing is difficult then wearing masks makes sense.

Mental Health- what to look out for if at risk.

We will be keeping an eye on how everyone is coping and we will contact you if your child is distressed.

Some signs to look out for are:

• Changes in behaviour (tearfulness, sleep patterns, eating patterns, up and down emotions or heightened anger or irritability, becoming suddenly calm or happy after being down, feeling hopeless or worthless, guilty, whakamā or ashamed.

• Losing confidence, or a downturn in school or sport performance.

• Becoming isolated or withdrawn from whānau, family and friends, things that are normally of interest.

• Talking about depression and expressing dark thoughts

• Not coping with day to day problems, or becoming overwhelmed with usual activities

• Using substances to cope with difficult feelings or thoughts.

• An escalation of risk-taking behaviours.

• Giving away possessions.

• Physical symptoms that do not have an obvious cause such as aches, pains, feeling sick

Seek help if these signs are appearing. If you have any concerns about your child/children please let us know by contacting our guidance counsellors Reverend Lesley or Mrs Keeton, a member of the Senior Leadership Team, or your child’s Dean.

Other agencies you can contact for support:

1737: You can free call or text 1737 to speak with a counsellor 24/7

Youthline: text on 234 (8am to midnight) or ring 0800 376 633 or email talk@youthline.co.nz

Lifeline: 0800 543354

Skylight: have useful resources on their website about managing grief –


Te Haika: 24/7 mental health support 0800 745 477

Take care, follow the protocols, and be your best selves

Nga Mihi


Around School This Week

Year 9 Art

Year 9 girls display their final copies of their lino prints. From left, Honor Simmons, Milly Hewitt, Olivia Guscott and Anneliese McKenzie

Year 10 Food and Nutrition

The girls in Year 10 Food and Nutrition display food from their Decades Unit. From left, Isabella Kennedy presents her sponge cake, middle top, Trisha Nathu and Hester Radford organise their fondue, top right, Emma Kitchingman, Emily Graham and Rose Wells get stuck into the dishes. Finally, bottom right, Isabella Kennedy, Sophie Stratford, Hannah Fountaine and Kersha Napier get ready to sample.

Dress a Girl Around the World

The Year 9 Fashion class completed their dresses to send to developing countries as gifts for young children. It may be the only dress they will own. The dresses were blessed in the Chapel by Reverend Lesley. The girls spoke about their dresses and the pride they had in what they had created. Also it made them feel grateful for what they had everyday.

Coming Up on the Calendar

Week Six Term Three

Monday August 24 - Whanau Time, Te Kura Exam Week, Year 12 PE Tramp, Junior Choir, Junior Youth Group

Tuesday August 25 - Cultural Group Rehearsal, Grey House Chapel, Intercollegiate Cross Country, Theatre Sports

Wednesday August 26 - Assembly, Attitude Presentation, Orchestra, Reading Competition, Viva Rehearsal

Thursday August 27 - Junior Chapel, Year 11 Study Skills, Jazz Band, House Music Rehearsal

Friday August 28 - House Music Rehearsal, Rainbow Mufti Day, Cancer Society Daffodil Day, Whanau Time

Week 7 Term Three - Tournament Week

Monday 31 August - Whanau Time, Junior Choir, Viva Rehearsal

Tuesday 1 September - Cultural Group Rehearsal, Senior Chapel

Wednesday 2 September - Assembly/Singing, Orchestra, Viva Rehearsal

Thursday 3 September - Junior Chapel, Jazz Band, House Music Rehearsal

Friday 4 September - House Music Rehearsal, Year 9 Lunch, Whanau Time

School Notices

Reporting Cycle

As you will be aware this year as been very out of kilter for our Reporting system. Effort Grade Report Four has just been published. If you have any concerns about your daughter from this report, please contact the teacher concerned. The portal is also available for you to view assessments. Again, if you have any concerns contact the teacher.

Mufti Day

On Wednesday 26 August we will be holding a Mufti Day to celebrate 'Pride in Schools' week. Students are encouraged to wear a colourful outfit. We also ask the girls to bring in a gold coin to donate to Youthline.

House Music

Last week the girls missed their rehearsals following the announcement of Level 2 by the Government. This week we resumed rehearsals with distancing. This was challenging for our House Leaders to manage, however, all Houses are making progress. Like many others we await the decision on levels. In the meantime we will keep going.

Cancer Society - Daffodil Day

Daffodils are now available from the office by donation. Please encourage your daughter to support this cause. Daffodil Day is Friday 28 August.


The Class of 2020 is drawing to a close and with much excitement, preparation is underway for December's Leavers Ball. We'd like to help the girls with the most important task of selecting a ball dress. We are pretty sure there's some beautiful gowns tucked away in wardrobes out there, that may have only been worn once or twice, just itching to be out and on the dance floor again!

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - brush off those gowns and enjoy seeing them worn again with pride by another St Matthews Leaver in 2020.

We can collect the dress(es) from you, or you can drop off to the school office, anytime before September 18.

For collection in the Wairarapa, contact Ces Newton on 027 429 4749. For collection in the greater Wellington area, contact Sophie McKenna on 021 255 4597. If you live somewhere else and have a dress to loan, contact either of us and we can discuss logistics.

We are looking forward to an amazing event in December and in wishing our 2020 leavers all the best for life out the school gates!

Dates for the End of the Year

Below are end of year dates:

Thurs November 11 - Senior College Prizegiving 7pm

Monday November 16 - NCEA National Exams begin

Friday December 4 - Non-NCEA students released from instruction Carol Service and Leavers' Service - 6pm St Matthew's Parish Church

Saturday December 5 - St Matthew’s Prizegiving -ALL students required - 12pm Wairarapa College (Please note change of time from 9am)

Wednesday December 9 - NCEA National Exams end; School and Boarding House(s) Officially closed

Monday December 14 - Year 13 Leavers' Ball

Community News

Eco Cloths Have Arrived

Can the following girls please collect their Eco Cloth orders from the school office:

Year 7 - Milly Butler, Charlie Grenfell, Mia Hewson, Lucy Didsbury

Year 8 - Ivanna Southey, Annabel Falloon, Isobella Edge

Year 9 - Katie Lane, Sophie Joblin, Tiarna Webb-Milner, Isla Carnachan,

Year 10 - Lucy Boschma, Charlotte Ladd, Madeleine White, Charlotte Pilbrow, Emma Kinvig

Year 11 - Amelia Percy, Saffron Juniper, Ruby Broom, Ella Gray, Felicity Johnson, Rosa Fowler, Gussie Rutherford, Hanna Cohr

Year 12 - Jorja Julian, Summer Didsbury, Annabelle Milne

Year 13 - Gracie Donaldson, Charlotte Hewitt, Neve Hopman

Football Fundraiser

For the 1st Xl football team tournament week we are selling Fix and Fog peanut butter, there are 3 delicious flavors; smooth, super crunchy or an everything butter which consists of (Hemp, Almond, peanut, pumpkin, chia, sesame, sunflower and flaxseed) They are all vegan and 1 jar is $11.50, there is an image above of the jars. We do have internet banking, or can pay via cash. Contact Amber Powell 162037@trinityschools.nz

Year 12 Business

A year 12 business group are selling coffee body scrubs for $12, all profit going to Melanoma NZ. Available in coconut or vanilla flavour, these scrubs help to treat acne, cellulite and smooth and hydrate the skin. If you're interested, follow @groundedcoffeescrubs on Facebook or email Sophie at 152047@trinityschools.nz

Eco Tip #2 - Lily Burgin Penlington Year 12

Food Waste is one of the largest contributors to climate change and if it was a country, it would be the third highest emitter of greenhouse gases after the US and China. So, start simple and make sure that you are storing all of your produce correctly to maintain peak nutrition and so it stays fresher for longer. If you are in need of a guide, visit https://savethefood.com/storage