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Learning Objective #1

"There's always a chance to turn something negative (orange flame) into something positive (blue flame). So ask yourself this, "Are you willing to change? If so, are you willing to sacrifice to achieve that change?" If the person decides that he/she wants to change and are willing to put in the required body of work, I'm sure something good will come from it. If and when you are not able to physically hold the reward or be recognized for the fruits of your labor be at ease mentally for you know they know. Feel at ease and cope with with what is now the past, so you are able to move on and up. (Frozone)


Learning Objective #2

"Keep in mind that when you procrastinate, you are leaving yourself only enough time to do superficial focused-mode learning." - a Mind for Numbers (Oakley 24)

Learning Objective #3

"Work Smarter...Not Harder!"

"For a quick jumpstart! Search for the difference between having a mindset in a focused-mode vs. Diffused-mode." (Frozone)

(A human's brain is structured similar to that of a computer hard-drive/processor. Any and all data saved or retained is stored in memory as 1's and 0's. And in-order for you to display that data you have to call that particular data from memory.)

Learning Objective #4

Learning Objective #5

(Think of it as an interview using your imagination)

Learning Objective #6

(Robots picking weeds)

Learning Objective #8

(It's time for change)

My Overall Experience

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