Career assignment By: Alicia Natale

I decided to research acting in film and television.

Role of an actor: Someone in an acting career will have to put themselves through physical changes depending on the role they portray. They will have to be able to master the control of their own voice and body. With acting you will not only need physical strength but you also need mental strength. The ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes and walk, talk, think and feel like that character takes a large amount of self-discipline and focus. Acting is creating a moment, when you are on stage or being filmed you create a moment as a character and allow the audience into that moment. You allow the audience to feel, see, hear, touch and taste the way this character does. Acting is not just reading a script and playing a character; it is becoming a character and creating emotion through your voice and body language. An actors body and voice are the vessel that help portray the emotion in the scene. It is impossible to express the emotion and aura in a room when a person is acting. Everyone is together yet in their own world, you experience this moment with others yet, completely alone. You are in unison and harmony with other actors yet, you project your own artistry in your own unique way.

Team or no team: In the acting industry you are working with others and yet alone at the same time. You need to work with other actors and a crew because filming a movie isn't just made of actors. There are Directors, Producers, Extras, Editors, Costume designers, Makeup artists etc. An actor needs to work together with all these people and be as easy-going as possible. If an actor isn't easy-going and cooperative then a feud can form with another actor or crew member; this will create chaos on set and make the task and job harder for everyone. This is why teamwork is needed. Although you are working with others acting is also an isolated job too. Every actor\actress is in their own bubble when acting this is the more isolated and complex part of acting that many don't understand. You are with people and yet not at the same time; it's very hard to explain because when I say alone I don't mean it in a literal way like you are the only one on stage and no one is around; I mean it figuratively like you are in a scene with others, but you are so focused and in character you get so enthralled you practically leave reality. Now, this doesn't just happen this takes a lot of mental power and energy; this is why really talented actors method act. Method acting is the hardest and most mentally and physically straining acting a person could do.

Education: Believe it or not but you need a pretty good education to be an actor. You need to take dance lessons, singing lessons, dramatic arts (duh), impov classes, acting classes, play\script writing, English, creative writing, and poetry writing. You must know how to read out loud in a flowing tone and in character.

Skills: Team-work, Articulation, Focus, Able to act through voice, Self-critique, Patients, Perseverance, Passion, Ambition, Willing to face rejection, Take feedback, Abstract thinking, Writing skills, Read, Mental strength, Down to earth, open minded.

Money: An actor makes $26 hourly and $1,000 weekly and $4,503 monthly. Movies usually take about a year to film so actors make $54,036 dollars a year. They also get paid additionally for hair and make up, costume, status\ fame, and if they preform their own stunts. Actors get paid a hefty amount of money a year, This is why a lot of people want to get into the acting industry. Not because they love it but because they want money and power, but people like that don't realize you actually have to be good at acting in order to get paid that much.

Institutions: A company someone might work in for acting could be a film company ex. Walt Disney, 21st Century Fox, Time Warner, or Sony.

Is this what you want: I want nothing more than to become an actress. Ever since is was a kid I wanted to be onstage and preform funny skits. It wasn't until grade 9 I started thinking about acting as a serious career choice. I truly love writing scripts, monologues, short stories, character sketches, and poetry. When I am not writing Poetry or monologues I am practicing and self-critiquing. I am always trying to find ways to improve myself and the way I act because I know that if I ever want to become an actress I need to work at it everyday. I am very hard on myself when it comes to acting, I feel that I am never good enough and that I can do better. It's really weird because everyone knows me as a very laid back person and I am usually not hard to please; when it comes to acting I am a totally different person. I become this uptight perfectionist that feels everything I create is never good enough and can be way better if I only had the creative ability to make it better. I work myself to the bone everyday because I know that I will never have the money to take acting classes so, I use my knowledge from drama class and the internet to get tips on improvement. I work everyday in fact 99.9% of the time I turn down an offer to hang with my friends is because I am busy practicing my acting skills. I work my butt off for acting, but I find I tend to hide my hard work from almost everyone. I hide it because I get two reactions when I tell people I want to become an actress; it's either "Wow! that's so cool can you preform something for me?! Cry right now! I wanna see you fake cry! Can you fake die! Improvise a scene for me right now!" When I hear that I am really hearing. "Wow that's cool, but I don't believe you can do what you love, so you have to prove to me your talented." That's like asking someone what they wanna be them saying that they wanna be a plummer then asking them to fix every damn toilet in your house. The second reaction I get is that they don't think you have the slightest chance. I am going to use an actually situation that happened in grade 9. This dude who was also into acting came up to me when I was talking to my friend about careers. I said I wanted to pursue acting; now this dude just walked up and budded into our conversation and said "so like you are going to sleep with every director to get a role" I wanted to wack this kick with a chair. I thought who do you think you are? Do you think you can bud into my conversation and call me a slut for wanting to have a career I love. I was filled with rage from head to toe I wanted to rip this kids head off and dance in his blood. Lucky for him I have a working brain and simply said "No I actually have talent and will earn my living honestly and cheat my way through life.". If I was a dude and said I wanted to become an actor he probably would have said cool. It's because I am a girl that he thought I have to use my body to get what I want. Every time I tell someone I want to be an actress they give me this look and It reads what he said to me. I can hear his voice clear as day when people give me this look and it makes me wanna punch them square in the face. They don't see how hard I work, How much a sacrifice when it comes to acting, I am far too busy practicing and improving to sink to their level of stupid and waste time to punch them in the face. I honestly don't care what people say anymore because I take that negativity and use it as fuel to practice and push myself more and more. It will just make my success sweeter. So for the people who don't understand I so not act for money, for fame, for power, for sex. I want to become an actress because I love it. I am passionate, talented, and creative. Don't even think about making sexist stupid comments about me because you are just wasting your time. I am far too assertive to let a small comment stop me. I am going to become an actress even if it kills me. I would rather die alone, broke, homeless but striving to act, than die with a mountain of cash, friends, kids, a partner and not acting. I won't stop acting the only time I will stop acting is when I am dead.

Thank you for listening. I know I didn't have to write this much, but personally it was necessary besides i could have gone on for longer but I don't want to bore people with my life. Thank you and I hope you have a better understanding for acting and that it's not just glamour and fame it's hard work and sacrifice.

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