A media institution is an organisation involved in the four key parts of the media text making process. For example companies such as 20th Century Fox and Columbia Pictures are media institutions, specifying in a particular stage of the process. These four parts are production, distribution, exhibition and/or regulation of a media text. Our task is to demonstrate how these stages have had a effect on how our horror sequence would make it from production to the audience.

Production Company

Which production company and why? For our production company we decided to go with Dark Cloud Productions as members of the group had used this company for their preliminary task. This was instead of Beyond films (my proposition of production company) due to Dark Cloud production's horror connotations that fitted perfectly with the piece. We then decided as a group that Dark Cloud Productions was a major/minor production company. A major/minor production company, like dark cloud productions, was best suited to our piece because of the wide aspect of conventions and the lower budget of production. The piece that was made conformed to a equal amount of Mainstream and Indie conventions for example the film has a safe genre with a typical representation of characters while also having new actors (no star power) and a rather unconventional plot.

Which distribution company and why? To find a suitable distribution company, as a group we did research into what distribution company specializes in the distribution of horror zombie genre movies at the level ours was produced at. As a group we came across Rogue Pictures in our audience research, as they have distributed similar films in the genre for example 'The Seed Of Chucky' 2004 and 'Shaun of the Dead' 2004. These media texts conform to the same genre as ours and can be distributed to the same target audience as both of the films named. Rogue Pictures is also a Major/Minor that was owned by Universal until 2009, As a group we decided that this was the option as it had strong ties with the market and audience that we considered our targets.

Who would exhibit your film and why? Exhibition is the way the product is retailed to the consumer, many movies have a cinema premiere which is when consumers pay to watch the movie for the first time and the amount of money raise is measure by the box office which is the amount of revenue made by the ticket sales. Alternatively for a film with a niche aspect like ours we decided the best way to exhibit our text was to go straight to the DVD release so the product could either be streamed on sites like Netfilx and Hulu or it could be purchased as a hard copy DVD. This would be our approach as the cinema screening our of high cost and the niche target audience a Zombie horror with a sub genre of comedy would not appeal to huge numbers making the expenses too high. A DVD release is a lot cheaper and with new streaming services easier than ever to distribute to your target audience for less cost as the technology has moved on and the cinemas become more out-dated

What BBFC certificate and why? The British Board Of Film Classification is the regulatory system that classify the films into age categories in order to prevent younger people being subjected to more mature themes. As a group we decided that our film would be a 15 as the 12a category said 'There may be moderate violence, there should be no emphasis on injuries and blood'. But due to the conventions of our zombie horror piece a lot of emphasis was put on the blood making our piece a higher age certificate and fitted into a 15 due to 'strong violent images'.

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