Rogue Community College McKenna Frison

Who will I represent at RCC?

I plan to represent the RCC women's soccer team for two years while completing some credits for my business degree. I am a dedicated student athlete who balances school and sports very well.
Rogue Community College is a two year college. RCC offers a variety of majors including the one I am most interested in, Business Management. In order to attend RCC, I will be receiving a variety of scholarships for athletic and academic reasons. I have also filled out my Oregon Promise and FAFSA in hopes of receiving money to pay for credits and text books.

Where is RCC located?

RCC is located in the beautiful Rogue Valley in Medford, Oregon. RCC also has a campus in Grants Pass and White City.

The RCC Medford location is very close to home, which is important to me. For the first few years of college I will live at home to save money that will later be spent at a four year university. I am not quite ready to move out yet, so I think being able to play soccer, go to school, and live at home in college is a great combination for me.

When do I finalize things?

I am hoping to sign onto the Rogue Community College soccer team at the beginning of January. After I sign, I will then register for classes at RCC. Also, I will be waiting for my FAFSA and Oregon Promise to come back to see if I will be given any money.

Why does RCC interest me?

I love the fact that RCC is located in downtown Medford. Being on the campus gives me a great and confident feeling. There are also many food carts and coffee shops located all around RCC which will be perfect for me. I am also a member of Anytime Fitness, and there is a location on the campus which is perfect for me. My sister also went to RCC and enjoyed the small class sizes and campus location.

The facilities offered at RCC are very nice too. RCC recently partnered with SOU, which allowed RCC to receive updated buildings. The classrooms at RCC are also very easy to find, they are either in the A, B, C, or D building.

Here is a video that tells about RCC and SOU partnering together.

I chose RCC for a variety of reasons. I will be able to play the sport I love while going to school. I think RCC is a perfect fit for me because it offers my major, Business Management, and many classes that will help me get a head start on my degree.

How do I get into RCC?

Once I finalize details with RCC soccer, I will then meet with the academic/athletic adviser Darren Van Lehn. He will sit down with me and discuss what credits I already have from high school, what credits I need, and he will help me build a schedule that fits around soccer. By the end of my senior year I will have the writing 121 credit for RCC and math credit for SOU. By having college credit before I even start college, will help me complete my degree and same money.

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