What is my passion? By: Julia SoreNson

I love to travel the world, discover, and experience things I am not quite familiar with yet.
My Essential Question: Does traveling open the mind's of people with social anxiety ?
My Story: When I was younger I was diagnosed with a bad case of anxiety. It affected me both mentally and physically. It got so bad to the point where I wouldn't want to leave the house. I'd be under so much stress with school and I'd have such bad anxiety that it would keep me from living everyday life freely.
Atltanic City
Cape May

Interview with Taylor

Do not let anxiety stop you from traveling. Many people have done this and they both regret it and came to conclusion that this was a terrible mistake. Studies show traveling helps people with anxiety. It “opens their eyes” to new and exciting things. Traveling teaches people with fear to take risks and leave that fear far behind them. It is true that people who travel have a happier and easier life.
Traveling is a stress reliever and also the key to relieving anxiety. It may seem scary at first to people who are very timid but as one travels more and more they become what is called “one with the world.” They become a bigger part of society and nature. Their eyes open to a new outlook on life. People out there such as myself who are looking for a new perspective need to get into traveling. It has helped me tremendously in so many ways.

Interview with Lilly

Stone Harbor
Cape May
Up the Mountains
REMIND YOURSELF: Remind yourself why you want to travel. Whenever you think about canceling your trip, picture yourself in the place you most want to visit, and tell yourself that you have to get there and see what it’s like.
Now it's your turn to travel around the world!
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