Journey Log 8 Kylee Keenan

This image drawn here depicts the sanctuary that I have created in Minecraft for my villain, Ursula. The outside of the cave is surrounded by plants as well as water, like Ursula is in The Little Mermaid. I purposely created the outside to look like a simple, safe, and ordinary looking home. The inside, which I have not drawn in this image, contrasts sharply to the outside appearance. It is dark, decently compact, and has an eerie feeling. I did this because Ursula’s character is similar to this description. On the outside, she seems smooth and safe with the merfolk of Triton’s kingdom. However, once an individual has made a deal with her, her villainous and dark character is portrayed; her true intentions are then viewed and harm comes upon the person.


Created with images by Erika Q - "Ursula"

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