It is one of the most beautiful parts on earth. The mountains, the ocean, the rainforest. Everything is incredibly beautiful. Stunning. But it takes time to learn to hold the weight of the mountains and learn to take in the rain. But it never becomes a part of you.

Home. Endless fields and rolling hills. The warmth of the house you grew up, the trees you climbed, the roads you learned to bike, the walks you took without telling your mum. The familiar.

The time runs a bit slower, the sun is warmer and gentler. The familiar sounds, smells, textures and sites all coming back and hit you like a wave. And here comes the comfort.

The faces you know every detail of. The mimics, the looks and the movements. You can guess them before they happen. There is no anxiety of not knowing.

No judgment, just care and love that needed at the time. No words to confuse you. No actions to hurt you.

Everything is here. The family, the house, the whole place. There for you to come back if you better or worse. There is a safe place.

You breath in the air and try to lock it. To keep it with you. To keep all the smells and the sounds till the next time. To keep it familiar and be part of you.

All the pictures are taken in and around my hometown Zagare, Lithuania during the trip home after 4 years living in Squamish, Canada. Mother nature gave us a spectacular winter.

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Lina Levett


Lina Levett

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