8 Types of Clouds By: sydney smith

Stratus Clouds: Typically rain comes from these types of clouds. They also stay high up in the sky most of the time.
Nimbostratus Cloud: It typically gives thunderstorms and stays low to the ground.
Cumulus Cloud: It mainly stays high in the sky and doesn't have a main type of weather, but sometimes gives rain.
Cumulonimbus Cloud: It stays high in sky and mainly gives thunderstorms.
Cirrculonimus Cloud: It usually stays low to the ground and doesn't have a main weather but is around when their is wind.
Cirrus Cloud: They give no weather or winds. They usually cover the sun so their is less light on these days and they mainly stay high in the sky.
Altostratus Cloud: You can usually see the sun through these clouds. Rain may fall from the thicker clouds.
Altocumulus Cloud: This cloud is dark. It doesn't really have a weather pattern.


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