-As I am focusing on the art for my project most of my reflective journal will be focused on any issues, feats, discoveries etc. in the art side of the game, this will not completely rule out any talk of code/sound as I will talk about how my graphics work impacted that work.

This week I added to the interior tileset, as last week the tables and chairs were lost, I remade them and I added an alchemy table and changed up the way the walls work, to make them better looking and easier for Anthony to tile in the game engine.

interior tileset before and after (before being from late march, after being from this week)

I've added barrels, an alchemy table and all the table and chair combinations, including ones that have been knocked over just incase we need that at some point in the game for example in a bar if a character storms out in anger they might knock over a chair, this would require animation in a cutscene of course but now we can have it so maybe you talk to the bar tender and he tells you that some angry traveller came in and ended out throwing that chair over, the list goes on but the idea behind every tileset I'm making is that it is modular so it can be combined with almost anything to create a lot of unique environments so that the player will be interested in exploring new towns, dungeons and areas of the map.

now on to one of the more frustrating processes of the week, which was making a bald old man character, originally I thought this would be a nice add on as not everyone has hair. This quickly became the messiest layering in a photoshop document so far on this project, I was frequently cutting and copying to try and match everything up and overall it was just quite bluntly a pain in the backside. however as much as I wanted to just give up on it I got it done and here is the result

the finished sprite sheet and the annoying layers

although I am disappointed with my layer management on this sheet, I don't think I'll be bothering to fix this anytime soon. It goes against professional practice, however, the time it would take to sort it all out, not to mention how tedious it would be, I don't feel as though it is worth it as we will most likely not need the PSD (photoshop document) for anything.

I also spent a lot of time gathering research on my pinterest this week, for future references and inspirations

Concept art ideas and inspiration on pinterest

I love using pinterest as its easy to access on my phone, pc and tablet and it's a great hassle-free storage space for all the images I like, I use it all the time in my spare time, so whenever I stumble upon anything that may help me in the game, I add it to one of my boards (I have a lot)

my pinterest boards

I also found, the first concept art I did in procreate for this project, this may be a bit late to add but procreate automatically records videos, so I thought it would be cool to have some videos on this week.

and that's mostly what I've done this week other than a couple of small tweeks and changes to some things on the tilesets and such. I watched a lot more youtube videos some on unrelated topics like tattoo design, but that is because I feel like tattoos are a very good way of gaining skill in solid drawing and shapes, for example this "gentleman" tattoo I attempted:

the gentleman tattoo

Although it is unrelated, I feel like it has improved my drawing skills, which will directly effect the project due to the role I am taking up (graphics).

This drawing was also uploaded to my facebook page:

here I have a very small following for all of my drawings and designs. this was origionally so I could get feedback, however most people either share or like the content, not many people comment their thoughts, so I may start up an instagram or some other form of image site account where I can build a following for my work (I am aware this is off topic)

Anyhow that concludes this week and now I'm moving into the easter holidays, which I plan on doing more work but on a more spread out basis as I want to spend time with my girlfriend and my family. I feel asthough these last couple of weeks I have been doing more research than work but as we are a little bit ahead of our selves I feel like this is a good thing as I am building references and skills ready to continue and produce better content, and I think that these journals accurately display the progress I am making. This doesn't mean I am perfect; I am making mistakes such as the layers on the spritesheet and forgetting to upload that video of the early concept art sooner, however I believe this is all part of the learning curve and I feel I am improving by the day and I feel like I'm gaining more and more experience with team building and work ethic by the day.

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