Jews Holocaust Carlos Villamil

The Holocaust was a terrible time in History that created a lot of suffering. During this time Hitler was against ever race that was not "pure". In My undertanding this was a great genecide in history. I know that The Holocaust was cruel time in History But this project show me that The Jets where treated like animals.

Why would people listen to Hitler? After reading I can see why people listen to Hitler and is because the things that he said were brain washing the Germans to believe that were they were doing was somehow rigth. People listen to him because he was a good leader and give the people a sinceof hope.

Anne Frank is the real definition of courage. She hid from the Nazis in a special hiding place with her familie. She would right down every single detail of her life that she suffer. She did this for 2 years before being capture. She was then sent to a concentrate camp where she was quickly kill. Her diary lived on and she is now known for her courage. I choose her because even do that she was leavin a night mare she never lose hope.

that has a connection with the holocaust Another move them in history that has a connection with the Holocaust is black lives matters. This is because some government officials have taken advantage of their authority and I have been targeting African-American. This is like the holocaust because a certain race is being targeted sure their color and the leaves.

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