The Government Of Fairytailia By Clara C.

Welcome to Fairytailia! Home to all of the, fairy tail characters that you can name! Well, not really because we only have a population of 200, and yes, that’s right, we are a country. Our founders are The One and Only: Three Little Pigs! Our capital is called “Pixie” and we are located on planet Geographia 7m, on a super secret (and not to mention undiscovered (by all humankind, that is)) island! Another hint as to where we are is that our island is nice and tropical, just not to hot. All of our fascinating citizens came to this island to stay away from other people because they genuinely don’t like humans. Anyways, lets just get in our interesting (and strange, we will admit) government!

In this beautiful country of ours, our government is a Direct Democracy, which means every single person in our country has the same amount of power, which is “good” for a small and tiny country like ours. Every week we have meetings at our country hall. They take place on Sundays at noon, and if you’re healthy enough and able to go, you have to attend. Of course, if you are immobile, you don’t have to physically be there, you just do a live video chat with the country hall, so you can still “be there”. We get the technology from trading, with people on Earth (we tell them to send stuff to a different location than our island), so we have the same level of technology as people on Earth, mainly Americans. Every citizen gets the choice to vote, and it doesn’t matter what age you are, or anything. You have the right to vote (or not vote) on whatever the issue is, but you need to vote all in one day, to keep things more organized. We have a winner takes all kind of vote, whoever gets the most votes win. In our country, we vote on all laws, to see what we should keep, and what we shouldn’t.

To give you a better look at the life of the Fairytailian people, we asked three citizens to write a little bit about how they feel about the government. The first article is from Pinocchio, and while he was writing, we looked at his nose to see if he was lying (he wasn’t).

This country is really neat, but our government is not. At all. I feel our government is so bad, that we need a superior leader, or leaders. A few of my buddies, like Jiminy Cricket, and I were thinking of rebelling against this dumb direct democracy. No offense to the young kids, but we don’t think children deserve the same rights as us. According to our stupid voted on laws, children are not eligible to be employed. Us adults have to work hard, just to get what? Equal rights as the freedom taking children. Now don’t get me wrong, I do like kids, but when it comes to rights, I draw the line.


The next article is from Goldilocks. She might seem like a dumb girl (for walking into a bear's house) but I can assure you, when it come to government, she's no fool.

Personally, I love the government here! My friends and I enjoy all the freedom we get from this! We also really love that anyone has the ability to make a law. I do think that sometimes the government is a lot to commit too, but I don’t really mind, because I really enjoy the freedom. I personally think that it's ok for children to vote, because parents have a very large influence on their children, and that it’s basically the parents voting a second (or third, fourth, so on) time. Please excuse me, but I have to go see some friends and eat some porridge with them, it’s a little bit of a long story.


Our final article is from the dashing Little Red Riding hood. Shes seems so sweet, bringing cookies to her grandmother and such, but be warned she can be sassy when in an argument!

This government is not working. If you actually have common sense, thes you could realize that we are totally turning into an oligarchy. That’s where a group of people are in power. That group consists of all the Disney Princesses.

Those brats have always been in power. Everyone thinks it’s ok because they have money, and everyone wants to be liked by them. Do they even belong in Fairtailia? Those fools should live at Disney world…

Anyway, we all know that one day they are going to rule, soooo, I’ve decided that at the next meeting, I’m going to bring it up. Well, I have to send get my grandma some cookies so I have to dash!

-Little Red Riding Hood.

So thats a “dip” into the life of a Fairytailian, and their government. Will it turn into an Oligarchy? Will Pinocchio rebel? Is Goldilocks secretly planning to rule? Will Little Red’s Grandma ever get the cookies? Only time will tell...

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