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Hi my name is Penelope, I am a ninth grade student at Reardan high school! If you already know me you're probably aware if what most people think of me... which is "perfect." I know, most people take that as a compliment but not me. How could you consider someone hiding something, like me, "perfect"? Nobody seems to understand except Arnold. However, I'm not sure how he gets it because he most likely has never gotten called something like that. I don't understand why though. Because if you knew him the way i do, you'd know that he is a great person. I'm sure the only reason people are against him is because he is an Indian. Yeah, people don't like him because they're racist, like my dad. All I want to do is get away from this small town with small dreams. Nobody in Reardan truly understands, thankfully Arnold has transferred to my school because nobody understands me the way he does.

Drake, the Canadian rapper, said "I was born to make mistakes, not to fake perfection." This quote relates to Penelope because shes always expected to be perfect. She feels like if she makes mistakes her reputation won't stay the perfect way it is. She's always worrying and trying to basically "fake perfection" just like the quote says. If Penelope saw this i think she'd agree that its very accurate to her feelings.

A song that Penelope would learn from and get inspired by would be "Try" by Colbie Caillat. My reason for this would be because she should stop hiding herself so much and be less worried about what people think. The song lyrics could really speak to someone like Penelope who's always trying to impress and always feeling the need to change herself to please everyone. The lyrics say "you don't have to try so hard, you don't have to change a single thing." Those few lyrics could easily change her mood and prove to herself that she doesn't need to be liked by everyone.

Drawing has not only been a hobby of mine for a while, but its been a passion. I enjoy it so much when i get older i want that to be my profession. Yeah, I i want to be a professional artist! I have always been really interested in it but i never expressed it until i met Arnold. He is much better than me even though he focus' more on masterpieces and i stick to doodles and stuff. I doodle random things like trees, people, buses, ect. I'm working on getting better so I practice with Arnold whatever chance we get. He's so good, almost perfect It's going to take years for me to be at his level!

Going to the dance with Arnold was one of the best decisions I've made. At first I was skeptical that it would damage my reputation but honestly, I don't care anymore. It was such a good time, one of the best nights I've had. It wouldn't have been such a good and care free time if I didn't go with Arnold. I hope he had a good time even though not very many people talked to him and when they did, they basically just made a joke and laughed at him not with him. But, Arnold has so much to deal with and it certainly isn't fair that he gets so many people picking on him. If only everyone else knew what a good person and friend he was. But, Arnold is hiding something. That was the only rough part of the night is when he finally told me the truth. Well, he didn't just tell me I had to ask. I'm glad I asked and I'm glad hes comfortable enough to admit that he is poor. The night of the dance was a night to remember. We had a lot of laughs and a few tears but all and all it was a good time.


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