The Sorceress Michael Scott


The genre of The Sorceress is fantasy fiction.

Michael Scott is 57 years old. He is a Irish writer of science fiction, horror, and fantasy. He has wrote over 100 books during his 30 years of writing, so far.


The book takes place thousands of years ago. The book also starts in London and that's where most of the book takes place and the book ends in the Shadow realms.

Plot Summary

The plot summary is Nicholas and the twins are trying to rescue Nicholas's wife Perenelle from being stranded on a deserted island and a man named John Dee is trying to hunt them down and kill them.

Description of Main Characters

1. Nicholas- He is hundreds of years old, he is a mentor to the twins, he is married to Perenelle. and him and John Dee are strong enemies.

2.Perenelle- She is tall, very nice, she is married Nicholas, she is a little older than Nicholas, and she can talk to the dead.

3.Josh- He is a teenager, him and Sophie are twins, and he has magical powers.

4.Sophie-She is a teenager, her and Josh are twins, she is very smart, she is mature, and she has magical powers.

5.John Dee- He is very old, he is a famous magician, him and Nicholas are strong enemies, and he is the major antagonist of the book.


The theme of the book is never give up. John Dee did everything he could, to stop Nicholas and the twins from rescuing Perenelle and Nicholas and the twins kept on trying and trying and they never gave up.


The conflict is Nicholas and the twins are going to rescue Perenelle and John Dee is trying to stop and kill them. The resolution is Perenelle escaped on her on from the deserted island and Nicholas and the twins defeated John Dee.


1. "I will not fail you" Dee said. Dee is speaking to someone even more powerful than he is and that person wants Nicolas and the twins dead, just as much as Dee wants them dead. This quote shows that Dee will not stop for nothing until they are dead. (pg.33)

2."No, Nicholas snapped, reaching out to push the girl's hand down. "I've told you, you cannot use your powers in this city. Your auras are to distinctive." Nicholas is talking to Sophie. If she uses her powers, Dee can trace them and come find them.


1.Moat- a deep, wide ditch filled with water and intended as a defense against attack.

2.Bard-a poet, traditionally one reciting epics and associated with a particular oral tradition.

3.Auras- any invisible emanation, especially a scent or odor.

4.Coalesced- come together and form one mass or whole.

5.Alleyway- narrow passageway.

6.Flawed- blemished, damaged, or imperfect in some way.

Evaluation of the book

The Sorceress is a very good book in my opinion. People who like magic and mythology will like this book. Three words to describe the book is adventurous, action, and entertaining.


The used Wikipedia for the biography of the author and for the vocabulary words.


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