We had our first task of creating a short introductory video (I dislike very much watching myself on video), but it was fun working on the assignment, and I think it worked out okay.

Our next assignment is to identify a problem we would want to solve as part of the UX course. In this process we are to make observations and create some persona models. This is an interesting subject for me, since I find people watching very interesting and kind of a science. It is very much like what was discussed in the first class, in that people might tell you one thing, but (sometimes) their actions and body language will say another. That is why I think it is so important to truly listen to people, try and hear what they are trying to communicate. From here we are to upload our persona models to the Education Exchange.

The Problem:

I am helping in a small capacity with a 5k race that will benefit the small school that my daughter attends. This will be the fourth year the event has taken place. It is still a small event, but for those who have done the race say that it is a very nice run and quite enjoyable. I think it could be a much bigger event. There is a large running community near the school, I don't think we have even tapped into a third of what we could with this event. Several people that I have talked to didn't know to much about it, a lot of people hadn't heard about it at all, and some even thought it was only for people associated with the school. We are not doing a good job with communicating to the people

The Solution:

The idea that I had was to somehow get the information out there, get people involved, and get people motivated, then I believe the race would really take off. The idea that I had would be to create an app for the race itself. We could really dig in and study people, create personas, and get the information out there. Maybe through social media, flyers and advertising the app. We could create tabs for the app of areas of information and interest. This would give out much needed information about the race time, entry requirements, packet pickup, a map of the course(s), prizes and other fun stuff. I also had an idea where there is a tab for a kids run/walk.

The Personas:

I decided to really dig into different types of runners who might be interested in a 5k or other type of race. As we know there are many different types of runners, with different skills and levels of interest. Some are beginners, some are experts, some are there to just have fun and to enjoy the experience. I think looking into the personas could really help in this situation.

Home Work Assignment Class 2

We have been asked that from the subject that we have chosen to define the content, then list all the categories. Then ask at least 3 people to categorize the headings and take photographs of the finished result. Then we are to create a site map. Mark mentioned card sorting during the live online class, and I started thinking about it. I have never done this kind of exercise before, but what a brilliant, simple idea in completing a site map prior to designing a website or app. I love the fact that if you use sticky notes or cards, it is so easy to move them around.

So here is my photograph of the headings after they have been categorized

Here is the site map for my project that I have chosen. I have had a lot of people that have graciously assisted me with this project. Most of us agree, that with my project that I chose. Is that a tremendous amount of 5k race apps or websites have a lot of holes in them, and leaving the user less than satisfied. I even viewed a website, where I couldn't find the time of the start of the race.

Class 3 Reflection and Assignment

Hello, this week was a fun week. It is still quite a learning experience and a lot of fun walking this new path of UX - UI. This week for our assignment, we are to sketch out a wireframe UI and test this on three users. I did so, and made quite a few changes. A fun learning experience. This really helped me get into the mind of the user, and truly look at the overall experience. We were also to video one of the users and post it to Vimeo and share it in the Education Exchange. I shot the video with my iPhone, which proved to be difficult for me, as I was moving the papers around and such. Below is the video and my wireframe. Thank you.

Class 4 Assignment

In this weeks assignment, we were asked to create our own moodboard, style tile and then a finished screen layout in photoshop.

Early on in the class I was thinking about the subject and problem that I would be working on during this class. As I briefly mentioned earlier, I was loosely involved in our communities 5K run this year. I personally like to run 5k races when I get the chance, and one thing that I often notice with race posters, handouts, flyers and even websites is that information and additional resources were lacking. So that is why I choose this topic. For instance, I was once looking at a poster that was created by a designer about a 5K race that was to be held. I thought to myself that this was something I would like to participate in. As I looked closer, it didn't give the day of the race, or a website, or a phone number or email to get additional information from. I honestly thought to myself, this is a total communication failure. So that has been my focus of this project, is to give people the information that they need, no matter what level of runner they are.

I have to say that the studies that we have done so far in this class have been beneficial to me. It has caused me to think in a different way. It has made me think outside of the box. If there has been one thing I have heard a few times in class, is the word "Empathy". This is very interesting to me, and I think it is something that every designer should look closer at. I know it has helped me. This is my first dive into the UX-UI pool, and it is fascinating to me.

In class this week Mark spoke to us about the moodboard and the style tile. I think the moodboard is a great way to get the creative juices flowing, and to get a feel of the direction you want to go in. I mentioned in class that I use the style tile all the time. Well, I am a graphic designer by trade, and at my last two jobs, one of the first things they do at orientation is that the company will hand you a Style Guide (that how they refered to it). Basically giving us parameters to go by. My last job that I was at, we had to create style guides for each new customer that we were involved with, especially concerning the color palette. So all that to say, I am not sure that I would say this was easy for me, but I think everything we have done in class has been a building block to were we are now.

Class 5 Assignment

for the Class 5 Assignment we are to create an interface using Adobe XD to get a working prototype of the design. We are then to video this testing process and upload a video as part of the assignment. I have to admit this is the week, I finally started really started liking the program XD, the whole prototype process was really quite fun to create and test. Before, I honestly just thought that I would rather use Illustrator, but it just all came together this week and made sense to me. I also like the quote in this weeks lesson- the person said that it is 100 times cheaper to make a change before any code has been written than to wait till after the implementation is complete.

Here is my working prototype -

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