Impact of the Industrial By ker-yi fu

Working condition and wages
  • The condition in the factories during the Industrial Revolution is just simply terrible. Factories are dirty, dangerous, and unhealthy for everyone to work in.
  • Workers has to work long hours (12- 16) everyday.
  • Women and children were not paid well. Women and children were paid less than men.
Condition in coal mine
  • In a coal mine, the place is dark, hot, and wet for anyone to work at.
  • The invention of steam engine made it easier. The production of coal grew from 5 millions ton in 1750 to 23 millions ton in 1830.
Child labor
  • Children started working to earn some extra money for their family.
  • Children often get whipped for slowing down the production.
  • Children earn 10% of adult wage, they work for hours in dangerous condition.
Changing Role of Women
  • Women work to provide money for their family.
  • Women work far distant, away from their children
  • Women's wage is around 1/2 of men
  • Enclosure of farm forced people to move to cities
  • Poor families live in apartment built by business owner called tenement in neighborhood.
Changing Class Structure
  • Capitalism gained wealth by owning business.
  • Middle class grew because engineers, managers, and shopkeepers
  • Bottom class grew because the size of urban poor who worked for low wages in factories.

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