Coach V's Cottage by Leopold van der Rest

First we received Coach V's preferences which included one guest bedroom, one bathroom, one kitchen, one living room and one master bedroom. He also asked for maximum 100m squared which I used 9m x 9m plus a little area for the laundry room of 2m x 2m which summed up to 8m squared. Here are the blueprints for these calculations.

Birds Eye View
Left Side View
Front Side View

After that we had to use the calculations to make a 3D version of the cottage with the same measurements. I added some extra irregular shapes like a Under Roof in glass to let some light into the cottage apart from the windows and a Laundry Room that stuck out of the 9m x 9m squared floor plan. The roof also is larger than the floor plan due to that I covered some floor as a kind of shaded part.

Cottage Multi-Side View
Front View
Right View
Left View
Top View
Back View

Then because Eva ate the apple, the cottage is now with a price which I calculated. First I had to calculate the surface area of the outer walls for the painting, the shingles on the roof and the radiator cost for the upcoming winters.


For the Surface area of the outside walls they're would be 6 cans of celestical blue paint needed which will cost 120 euros or 166.46 Canadian Dollars.

For the Surface Area of the outer sides of the rooftop they're will be 14 bundles of shingles needed which will cost 1290 euros or 1789.49 Canadian Dollars.

For the heating of the radiators during the winters, it will cost 510 euros a month, which leads to 1530 euro per winter or per year or 2122.42 Canadian Dollars.

In grand total, it will cost 2940 euros or 4078.37 Canadian Dollars for the first year and 1530 euros the next years except in case of high global warming, the prices will drop.

Thanks for seeing this page hope you enjoyed and choose it maybe. Enjoy your complete new cottage and have some unforgettable holidays. I really enjoyed this project although it was a mind blowing project and I could of done 500 different cottages with all the wrong calculations that I restarted.

Thanks for watching


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