Macbeth Spirit Animal Poster By Zoey alsbrooks

Banquo's spirit animal is a dog.

Banquo's spirit animal is a dog because he is very loyal to Macbeth. No matter how much wrong Macbeth did, he stuck right by his side. Even when Macbeth asked, Banquo said without hesitation that he would continue to be loyal. Banquo is also calm and collected, much like older, well trained dogs. He does what Macbeth says and never questions it. When the witches told them their prophecy, Macbeth was thinking of everything he needed to do to fulfill that, whereas Banquo was go with the flow, calm and collected.

Macbeth's spirit animal is a cat.

Macbeth's , however, spirit animal is a cat, because he will do what needs to be done to get what he wants. For example, he killed King Duncan because he knew if he did, he was a step closer to becoming king. Macbeth also is very kind to others and very understanding. For instance, he told Lady Macbeth he did not want to kill Duncan because he had been nothing but nice to them and a very well liked king. Within this same act, Macbeth showed a third trait of a cat when he got scared and backed out of killing Duncan. Just like him, cats get skittish and back away from things they aren't sure what to do with.


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