Laryngotracheobronchitis Croup Cough

Croup was not discovered by one person alone but became well-known through Dr. Francis Home of Edinburgh, Scotland around 1765. It was given its common name in Southeastern Scotland as well. In early times, many people often contracted croup and would seek a doctor not knowing if croup was dangerous or not.
Extreme cases of croup cause ailments such as a blue face, difficulty breathing, dehydration, exhaustion, and a raspy cough.
It is caused by viruses (parainfluenza RSV, measles, adenovirus, and influenza), and passed on by coming in contact with people with these viruses or respiratory infection. Most likely croup will occur in children who don't cover their mouth when they cough and are more physical with each other when playing.
Treatments and Prevention: ~washing hands ~immunizations and other vaccines for severe forms ~be immediately exposed to cold or moist air (hot shower, outdoors) ~use an air vaporizer ~Hospital’s sometimes give medicine mainly through IV
Contributions to Science: 1. croup used to be deadly and caused by diphtheria but science was able to discover vaccines such as the diphtheria vaccine. 2. better use of IV to treat less serious infections. 3. Better over the counter medicines and treatments were discovered for people to be able to take care of infections at home. 4. A better study of the way viruses are transmitted and how the lungs react to that was better understood.


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