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Simon Bolivar statue

Bolivar was born, on July 24th, 1783, to wealth and privilege, the son of an old creole (Spanish American) family of Venezuela. Before he liberated Venezuela, Simon Bolivar inspired extremes of devotion and detestation. Also, many Spanish Americans wanted him to be their dictator and their king, but some denounced him as a traitor, and others tried to assassinate him.

While having not been home for a while liberating others do you believe Bolivar can successfully liberate one more ?

Simon Bolivar by Ron Embleton

At the beginning of the war His aide and chronicler, General Daniel F. O'Leary was by his side assisting him every step of the way! in the Apure valley, in February 1818 José Antonio Paez contributed a thousand cavalry to a joint force of over four thousand.

By Anonymous Artist (Collection of the Municipal Council of Caracas.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons / Antonio Paez

The establishment of the Supreme Caracas Junta following the forced deposition of Vicente Emparan as Captain General of the Captaincy General of Venezuela on April 19, 1810, marked the beginnings of a war. Simon Bolivar led an campaign to retake Venezuela, establishing the Second Republic of Venezuela in 1813, but this too did not last, falling to a combination of a local uprising and Spanish royalist reconquest. Only as part of Bolivar's campaign to liberate New Granada in 1819-1820 did Venezuela achieve a lasting independence from Spain (as part of Gran Colombia). On December 17, 1819 the Congress of Angostura declared Gran Colombia an independent country. After two more years of war, the country achieved independence from Spain in 1821 under the leadership of its most famous son, Simon Bolivar. Venezuela, along with the present-day countries of Colombia, Panama, and Ecuador, formed part of the Republic of Gran Colombia until 1830, when Venezuela separated and became a sovereign country.

The new government that has been put into play, will it last or will new war arise ?

By Osioni (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Does Venezuela join forces with anyone else or will they remain a sovereign country forever ?

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