Arnold Spirit Jr.

Hey! My name is Arnold Spirit Jr. but my people back at the rez call me Junior. I was born with hydrocephalus or as I like to call it, "water on the brain", so it caused me to look different and act different too. I'm skinny, I have thick glasses, my arms and legs are huge, as well a my skull, and I have a lisp and a stutter. It makes me an easy target.
One of my favorite things to do is play basketball. I'm not that great but I made Reardan's varsity team! Coach says I'm a really good shot! We had our first game, don't ask how it went.
I'm a very witty person. Humor is something I use to get through my rough life, it's my coping mechanism. Not to mention, not only am I witty, but I'm also a witty artist. I draw a lot. My drawings are how I express my feelings and share my life. They're my escape... being a dreamer and all.
One of my biggest dreams is to become a rich and famous artist. For generations, my family has lived in poverty and I want to be the one that gets out. I want to be the one that breaks the cycle and makes everyone's jaw drop.
Lately things have been tough back at the Rez and surprisingly easier at school. At school, I've become closer to Penelope and Roger and I've actually opened up to them about the real truth of the life I was living at home. They've been very helpful. People at the Rez still think I'm a traitor. I hope everyone back home eventually comes around, especially Rowdy.

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