Magnesium by: michael stapleman

element symbol: Mg

atomic number: 12

atomic mass: 24

electron configuration: Ne 3s2

common isotope: Mg-24

covalent radius: 130

common uses: flares, bombs, and military weapons

melting point: 1,202 F

boiling point: 1996 F

magnesiums natural state of matter is solid; metal

physical state at room temperature: solid

origin: Davy mixed magnesia and mercuric oxide

atomic radius: 205pm

electronegativity: 1.31

ionization: Mg2+

specific heat: 0.25 british thermal units per lbs

sources of element: bath salts, laxative, and fertilizers

common charge of magnesium is +2

density: 1740 kg/m3

The abundance of magnesium on earths crust is 2.1%

$3.7 per 100g

magnesium was discovered in 1755 by Joseph Black

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