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Cultural identity is how your traditions and customs shape who you are. I am ethnically Caucasian and culturally Irish.


The country from which my ancestors are from would be Ireland, but I'm not sure what area. Historians believe that people first started settlement in Ireland about 10,000 years ago. The first farmers arrived around 4000 B.C. In 1782, the Parliament of London controlled much of what happened in Ireland. The 1937 Constitution re-established the state as the Republic of Ireland.


How to say "Hello." in Irish

The Irish language is a Celtic language, which came from Common Celtic. Other Celtic languages include Scottish Gaelic, Manx Gaelic, Welsh, Breton, and Cornish.

Physical Traits

Irish physical traits include dark hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Red hair, freckles, and pale skin are merely an assumption, and are not common in the Irish. Also, women are usually around 5' 6'' tall.


Some traditional Irish foods include the "Full Irish" breakfast, consisting of bacon, sausages, eggs, and vegetables, shellfish or Irish stew for lunch, corned beef dinner, including many types of vegetables, and Irish brown bread for a snack.

Slow-cooked Corned Beef Dinner


Irish artists practice a tradition of fine contemporary art with long lasting appeal. Collectors of Irish art choose works that will give years of enjoyment.

Examples of Irish Art


In ancient times, the harp was the most popular instrument. In recent years, traditional Irish music has been combined with American and European music, with the most popular instruments being the fiddle, Irish flute, tin whistle, Celtic harp, uilleann pipes, and the bodhrán.


  • Irish weddings are commonly beautiful ceremonies to take part in.
  • A traditional wake is seldom solemn in funerals.
  • St. Patrick's day is held as an important religious day.
  • Easter Sunday is also a religious ceremony that families prepare their homes for by spring cleaning.

Fun Facts

  • On average, Irish people consume 131.1 liters of beer per year.
  • The three most famous symbols of Ireland are the green shamrock, the harp, and the Celtic cross.
  • Many Irish family names start with "Mac" or "O".
  • The famous story of Count Dracula was written in Ireland.
  • The Woodenbridge Hotel, founded in 1608, is the oldest hotel in Ireland.
  • About half of the Australian population can claim Irish ancestry.
The Woodenbridge Hotel


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