Emerging Technology Using Adobe Spark

What is Adobe Spark?
Adobe Spark is a digital platform used to create and share visual stories. It is a mobile-friendly graphic design application.
Adobe Spark supports 3 story formats

1.) Spark Page

  • Turn stories into attention-grabbing web pages
  • Teachers and students can use their own photos or search from thousands of free images to bring essays, assignments, and reports to life. Different themes and fonts will make an ordinary assignment or lesson plan engaging and responsive on any device.
  • Example: https://spark.adobe.com/gallery/education/example/wolves/

2.) Spark Post

3.) Spark Video

How can this product be utilized in the field of education for teachers?

Teachers are already turning to this product to build lesson plans, create classroom newsletters, develop class reports, school/district reports, etc.

Teachers are also using Adobe Spark to create digital resumes that showcase the work they have accomplished in their field. These resumes are able to provide a visual representation of the services and instruction they provide to their students. By using Adobe Spark, resumes are able to be presented in ways that are much more visual appealing and informative than the regular, mundane bullet point format.

Example: https://spark.adobe.com/gallery/education/example/meet-kate-krieger/

Reviews....What are teachers saying?

"Adobe Spark is the ideal creation tool for teachers lacking the design gene. While I love Canva and the design tutorials that site provides, Adobe Slate's variety of projects (Post, Page, and Video) expands the possibilities. Teachers can model what is means to be a Creative Communicator (ISTE Standard 6 for Students, 2016) by creating graphics that serve as attention getters, designing a dynamic page for the class syllabus or as a template for an assignment such as a lab report, or creating a self-directed learning video for students, etc. Adobe Spark provides a free, professional quality creation tool from a company that has a long history of serving as an educational product." ~Michelle G.

How can this product be utilized in the field of education for students?

Students are using this product to create oral presentations, animated reports, science fair presentations, and attention-grabbing visual graphics.

Adobe Spark helps students present content in a way that is fun and educational.

Students learn how to express their ideas and consider message design as they are creating their projects. They are able to add their own personal touches as they create their digital stories.

The Adobe Spark team created a guide specifically for educators, which can be found here: https://spark.adobe.com/edu

Teachers have also provided feedback as to how they are using Adobe Spark in their classrooms.

  • Speech and language play
  • Sight words proficiency
  • Narrative prompts
  • Rhyming games
  • Photo essays
  • Class reports and blogs
  • PTA ads and promos
  • Classroom newsletters
  • Student portfolios
  • Book reports
Personal experience with the technology software

This software was very user-friendly. I was able to jump right in and create a page with little guidance. The presentation format is smooth and visually appealing. I really enjoyed the transitions between "slides." One of the more positive features of the site is being able to search for free, creative common images inside the program without having to navigate to an outside source.

I can see why teachers and students alike are utilizing this software to create applications for the classroom. It is a modern tool to create digital graphics and stories, as well various types of reports.

The mobile compatibility feature is a bonus.

Adobe Spark was voted as an ALA best website for Teaching and Learning in 2016

The website addresses the 21st-Century Learner standards in digital storytelling.

  • 4.1.8 Use creative and artistic formats to express personal learning
  • 4.3.1 Participate in the social exchange of ideas, both electronically and in person
Additional Information

Logins can be established with an Adobe ID, Google account, or Facebook account.

Students can choose whether to share their Adobe Spark creations by flagging their content as Public or Private.

Spark video movies and post images may be downloaded locally.


How much does Adobe Spark cost?

Adobe Spark is completely free!

The Q&A facts say in the future, they may add premium features or paid options. If that were to happen, the core features will remain as they exist today.

Unlimited hosting of created content is also free!


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