Beyond Capacity A Study of Overpopulation in China

Due to China's large numbers, they can participate in record breaking events,

however their large population could become a severe problem in the near future.

China's population has been increasing ever since World War II, when having as many children as possible was encouraged in order to bring wealth to the country and to contribute to the growth of their army.

China's population consists of over 1.3 billion people and is growing by the second. Experts believe that China's population is bigger than officially reported because they think that a significant amount of parents lied about the number of children they had during the time the One Child Policy was in affect. The One Child Policy was a law which mandated that parents could only legally have one child. This law was in affect from 1979 to 2015.

During World War II the number of men in China's army has been increasing, and today there are an estimated 2.3 million active frontline personal in their military.

China's military, formally known as the People's Liberation Army, is the main army of the People's Republic of China. However it still remains the largest army in the world followed by the U.S. and India, With India having 1.4 active personal, and U.S. army having 1.3 million active personal.

China's population sky rocketed during and after World War II because the loss of the military motivated the family's. They chose to increase their family size so that the military could be always sufficiently filled, regardless of the length of war.

When China's government saw the army getting smaller during World War II as people were dying, they started to reach out to all of the civilians or people unrelated to China's military battles. There were many propaganda posters encouraging family's to keep having children in hopes of having more people and building a better army, to produce more food, and to bring wealth upon the country.

If China's population keeps increasing so rapidly in a such short amount of time, everyone living on the planet would be put at great risk.

The planet ins't suitable to sustain so many people. In China there are only a limited about of natural resources such as water or land to support farms. However if the population keeps growing the cities and housing would have to expand and at a certain point there wouldn't be enough room for farms, so slowly the people would use all of the possible resources. If they run out and need resources from other countries, they wouldn't be able to get any because of their overpopulation.

they would also be releasing more gasses into the air than the atmosphere would be able to take, so the entire country would become severely air polluted.

China's resources may be challenged if the population continues to grow or get out of hand. They may need to have limits to how much food or water in the future because if a population like theirs keeps getting bigger and bigger, their lives can't just continue on as they would now.


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