Little Suamico
5964 County Road S, Sobieski, WI

Executive: Chairmen Elmer Ragen (920)-826-7863 Clerk/Treasurer Nikki Tolzmam (920)-826-7655. AssessorR&R Asessing Services (920)-846-4250

Legislative: Supervisor David Dribyl (920)-826-5637 Douglas Allen (920)-826-5259

Problem: Salting roads in icy conditions. Their solution: Its being dealt with by Trip D monies and the board will be putting out new road signs. My solution: I disagree, as a driver of these roads in the winter time I see nothing being done with salting. I have been in a car accident getting hit by another vehicle due to poor salting of the icy conditions. We need to get more trucks and get to icing sooner before it's too late.

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