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The bee is very important for the environment. It pollinates the flowers, trees and many other plant specimens.

Bees collecting pollen

Bee in flight while also in his hive.

Planes that look like bees.

A little dude collecting pollen.

And another dude collecting more pollen.

And more bees in the hive.

The end of da slideshow.

  • There are many types of honey bees
  • The honey bee is also known as Apis mellifera.
  • A typical honey bee colony may have around 50,000 workers.
  • Male honey bees (drones) have no father, but they do have a grandfather!
  • The queen honey bee is about twice the length of a worker.
  • Drones (male honey bees) die after mating. Poor things!
  • Honey bees fly up to 15 mph and beat their wings 200 times per second or 12,000 beats per minute!
  • The honey bee queen should certainly live 2 years, but may even live 3 or 4 years, whilst drones live for 4 – 6 months, and worker honey bees raised in the Spring may only live 6 or 7 weeks (those raised in the autumn may, like drones, live 4 – 6 months).

Created by Grace Bennett and Finn Hannevig 6th class!!!!!!!!

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