Tiger lily Jodi lynn anderson

The overall place in my book is in Neverland. This makes me picture an island trapped inside a magical realm. It lays in a bubble of protection and the bubble keeps in the magic of Neverland. I see the island divided into parts where the different things in Neverland live. I see it covered in forest in one part and part of it with coves.
So far there is a village on a mountain. A beach where pirates and Englanders come. Also coves and the forbidden lands. These are the places where Tiger Lily has gone so far in the book. They are also where all of her adventures have taken place.
It's back then when they used to use wooden boats with sails. They also used fires and lamps. It must've been during the 1700s or 1800s when people used to use boats that were wooden and when they had no ways of curing diseases except for using herbs.
I imagine it to be almost always sunny except for the times in the book when it's raining. I always imagine it to be blue skies with white clouds. But when the book says its rainy, then I'll imagine gray skies, dark puffy clouds, and rain. Sometimes, depending on the scene, I'll imagine muddy footprints or wet grass and trees.
Neverland isn't a very populated place. There are a lot of different kinds of people that live there. There are faeries, Native American tribes, pirates, englanders, mermaids and there could be much more that the book hasn't talked about yet. This makes me think of a very diverse land that holds magical creatures that people don't believe to exist.
Some objects are the big wooden ships that the englanders and pirates arrive on. There are pipes that they use to smoke. They where sea clothes. The englanders and pirates wear rags.
The mood is curiosity and love. This story is about Tiger lily who basically resembles a boy. She's strong, fast and looks like a boy. She wants to be able to wander through the forest and hunt and be who she wants, but because she is betrothed to giant, so she can't do that. But this is also a love story, she loves Tic Tok because he adopted her and he wants to be able to protect her but she secretly has to take care of him because they care about each other.
Setting affects the story because the sea is surrounding them, it allows pirates and different people to come and invade their land. But they do live in Neverland and this makes the place where they live magical. It also makes it more interesting because its magic. It draws me more into the book.

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