The Third Project Accomplished by Pierce Murphy

The grande scope of this project was to test and assist us students in our knowledge of several machines which will be later discussed. This was important to do because it is imperative to have a knowledge of these machines so that way if any of us go into the field of Engineering or Manufacturing we will be prepared for what is in store for us. This also teaches us how to design for manufacturing which is the concept of creating something that can actually be manufactured after the exact design of that product.

This project used two types of manufacturing. The first being additive manufacturing which is where you start from nothing and go to something and the second being subtractive manufacturing where you go from something to nothing. Additive manufacturing is mainly used for 3D printers which melt down a PLA filament and spits it out on to a table. Subtractive manufacturing is where a drill bit or laser will cut out your piece from a solid block of material.

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