My Portfolio BTT1O1 Culminating Activity

My Three Favorite Assignments

The Photoshop assignment was one of my favorite assignments because it was a new tool that gave me experience and it gave me look at how photoshop is used in the real world. Graphic design is a very important skill that you need and is used in many jobs so learning it was exciting knowing that it would benefit my future.

The quizlet activity was also another assignment that has shown me something that I can use to my advantage. It can help me make my own flashcards that i can use to study for tests or quizzes in the future which is a very helpful tool.

This assignment was a familiar one since I have used Microsoft Word many times in the past. However, it was a beneficial assignment because it taught me new things about the program that could be used in future assignments such as: charts, captions, page numbers, hyperlinks, keyboard shortcuts, page orientation, page border and columns.

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