Project 2: Gyro Boy Christopher Hetterich

This project is the first big one. I have to complete this on my own, due to the fact that I was sick and missed some days of school. I am building the Gyro Boy, where it is a human shaped robot that balances on it's own. What I am trying to accomplish in this project, is to build Gyro Boy, download the given program, run it successfully, document the information, and break down the program.

My Pseudocode - I have to build the robot, download program, run program, document progress, and break down program.

The Gyro Boy Robot
My full program
Code for when the robot powers up
Code for the robot to stay up without falling over(corrects itself)
When the robot falls, this code is the reaction(displays robots reaction)
Code for the colors it senses and what it should do in response to each color
Code that prevents the robot from running into any objects

What I Learned

I learned that you don't want to miss four days of school because that will set you behind quite a lot. On the more realistic side, I learned that you want to build the robot correctly the first time to avoid future obstacles. I learned to prep the robot correctly. For example, make sure the gyro sensor is zeroed in, and set correctly so the robot can successfully run the program.


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