Reflections Tim Calvey

Dear Pupils, Parents and Staff,

I took the photo above as I walked home last night, which prompted the second part of this post that you can see below. However, today is the last day of the Spring Term and I wanted to offer a few reflections as food for thought over the coming break. At 11:00 this morning we were due to come together for our Easter Service, a highlight in the year with hymns, readings, a message and prayer.

I was thinking of ways to put something in its place, and whilst I cannot make it the same because I don't have the choirs, the readers and the congregation, I have found a way to share thoughts, stories, some of my favourite songs and yes, even an advert! The added challenge was to try to find a way to make sure that Pre Prep pupils could join us so I turned to Julia Donaldson...I hope that the following provides a little joy!

Something else to ponder

Over the past week, I have been sitting in my office looking out at the most stunning Spring days, sunrises, sunsets, blossom emerging on the cherry tree outside the front of the school and uninterrupted blue skies - not a vapour trail in sight. As the week has drawn to a close, and I reflect on the turmoil, as teachers couldn't reach pupils due to the crash on the internet and parents worrying about work, the one constant was this beautiful view from my window!

On one hand, how on earth were we going to resolve these issues and on the other, how is nature so beautifully calm outside - I had time to hear birds singing and to feel a warming breeze through my window?

It made me pause, as I reflected on my wording for another update to our community - and I'll share my emerging fear. It's strangely not the immediacy of the turmoil that we all face. It's the realisation that we will find a way through this...

...and we might make the biggest mistake of all, we might actually return to where we were month ago!

This reminded me to dig out a series of Assembly messages that I ran after I was inspired by the following videos that were made in 2014. We were launching our Eco-Team under a 'Make a Difference' theme. These videos are beautifully made and very powerful and I would encourage all of us to to dip into these over the coming Easter break - The first one narrated by Julia Roberts sets the scene and might just add an even better aim for us to take from our current situation:

The following clips expand on the above from specific headings and I hope they might help us to see the real opportunity that we all have - perhaps this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to understand our impact and to walk with more care, consideration and kindness
The coming month will be full of here and now challenges but I would encourage all families to try to see beyond. We have an opportunity that no other generation has had and we need to be able to reflect on this in years to come without regret.
Stay safe and well, I am heading home to create new recipes from more limited cupboards, find ways to socially get closer and to count my blessings every day...God bless, and Happy Easter!

Tim Calvey