Journey Log 3

In class monsters and villains were discussed more and I had to write my proposal for my paper. I decided to do my paper on the villain Scar because he is the most interesting villain in Disney. I loved the movie when I was little and looking into it more I discovered some interesting things. Such as, a scene in the movie the characters marched for Scar in a way that the soldiers in the Nazi army moved for Hitler. Also, the movie it was based on Shakespeare's plays. I was pretty shocked about all of this especially the Nazi army. I didn't think that a kids movie especially for Disney would be based on things that are for adults and not something good for children.

I then also thought more about what other villains in Disney are based on so I looked up some villains including the Siamese cats from Lady and The Tramp. I was shocked to find that they were made up from World War II and the way that many people were against Asians. They made the cats to be what they believe Asians acted and portrayed to be like. It amazes me to think that many of the villains we grow up loving to hate is based on such bad ideas. Why would these types of movies be okay for children? They are not what children should be watching based on what is really behind the movie. Why would the productions of Disney who makes children movies approve such a thing to happen? It's not the way it should be when it should be family friendly inside and out.

I also looked up more information about the comedian that was shown during class. Bo Burnham is a very outrageous person who doesn't care who he offends. It has been interesting to see what he has done to get to the point he is, in his so called "career". He comes off very arrogant but that is his persona that he does on purpose. He doesn't lie about what he does like the song called country song. He says exactly was is done in stadium country. I actually went back to my apartment after class to show my roommates the videos and they both agreed with what he said in his country song because my one roommate is a country fan. I am not a big country fan but I listen to it and the times I have they are all based on the same things like trucks, tractors, and beer. His songs made me laugh but I don't see why people would pay to listen to him.

All the topics we talked about in class these were the two who really made me think. The reasoning behind Disney villains will stick with me considering how crazy they are. I looked up a few different villains from Disney movie but I only included the Siamese cats because I couldn't find enough information on some others. I decided to look up more Disney villains because I became curious about what other villains would be thought of such outrageously. Which became true when I found out what brought up the Siamese cats from Lady and The Tramp.

I also looked up Bo Burnham because I have never heard of him before class and thought about what started all his songs and antics. When I looked him up I could only find information from Wikipedia but I wanted to include him in my journey log so I used it. I found out that he had a show at a college in Westminster that ended up having students protesting against it. They did so because they are against his meaning of his material.

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